Top 7 Toy Hauler Travel Trailers Money Can Buy (2021 Edition)

Before picking the best 7 Toy hauler campers in the market today, it’s important to define what exactly toy haulers are, and discuss some notable advantages.

What is a Toy Hauler Camper?

Toy haulers are thought of as “wild” RVs. This may be linked to their origin as mobile “mancaves” complete with multiple seemingly excessive features. However, toy haulers have evolved over the decades and become RVs with an open living concept and multipurpose functionality. While toy haulers come in many sizes, most are 21-40 feet and sleep up to 11 people.

Toy haulers have many similarities to RVs. The most significant difference is in the “garage” space for storing “toys” like ATVs, motorbikes, etc. Toy haulers also have a ramp door that makes it easy to load and unload toys.

While toy hauler campers are preferred by individuals who plan on hauling four-wheelers, they are generally preferred among people looking for more space and endless possibilities created by open plans and additional storage space.

Top Advantages/Benefits of Toy Hauler Travel Trailers

Toy haulers have many benefits. The most notable include;

I. A fantastic place for toys

One of the most desirable features of a toy hauler is the space that’s included in the side or rear for transporting motorcycles, ATVs, Kayaks, golf carts, and other toys.

II. Flexible design that is easier to repurpose that typical RVs.

Toy hauler campers can be repurposed into additional living space. They have an open design featuring sides that can work as patio decks with overhead awning and railing. They can also be repurposed in many other ways. For instance, it is easy to add a guest bedroom, office, or other space.

III. Variety

Toy haulers are available as travel trailers, fifth wheel, motor homes, and many other options depending on personal preferences.

Disadvantages of Toy Haulers

Toy haulers have both pros and cons like anything else. Before you buy a toy hauler camper, it’s important to consider some possible disadvantages. The most notable revolve around:

I. Cost – These puppies are fun, fun, fun, but that fun comes with a price

You should expect to spend more on a toy hauler than an RV since toy haulers have more functionality. Their complex construction, additional features to accommodate more weight for carrying toys make them more costly. Toy haulers need heavy-duty floors and hardware to secure the load. These features come at an added cost.

II. Garage-related setbacks

Since they have a garage that accommodates four-wheelers, other types of motorized toys, and essentials like fuel cans and oil. You should expect some inconveniences like fumes if the toy hauler doesn’t have superior vapor walls and features like side vents that reduce fumes originating from spills or fuel stored in the garage.

Important Considerations When Buying a Toy Hauler Camper

The toy haulers listed below have been chosen after carefully considering the most critical factors. Before you spend a small fortune, here’s what you should consider when choosing the best toy hauler for you.

Intended use: Since different people can have different preferences, you must consider the unique reasons why you are buying a toy hauler. For instance, while most buyers consider toy hauler campers to carry ATVs, you should consider the specific toy you wish to carry since different toys will have different space requirements.

Towing needs: If you need to tow something, what is the towing capacity, stopping power, payload, etc.? You should know exactly what you need to tow to choose a hauler that can satisfy such needs. Toy haulers carry people and equipment. They also tow and carry other vehicles such as ATVs which translates to added weight. The hauler you choose should carry everything and tow whatever you need with ease.

SizeThis is another critical consideration. The size of toy hauler campers you choose should fit your ATV or other toys/cargo you intend to carry i.e., kayaks, paddleboards, motorbikes, etc. The toy hauler should also meet the size guidelines of the areas you wish to visit. Many national parks in the US deny entry to vehicles that surpass certain size guidelines. The importance of choosing the right-sized toy hauler can’t, therefore, be overlooked.

To make an informed decision on size, consider where you frequently visit or intend to visit. You should think of national parks, trailheads, popular camping sites, etc. Most importantly, remember to consider common size classifications centered on garage space.

Types of toy haulers: Toy hauler campers are mainly categorized by the size of their garage. 5th Wheel toy haulers have enough room for one or more ATVs. Class A toy haulers have a longer garage that averages 10-feet in length. Class C toy haulers tend to have shorter garages (i.e., approximately 8 feet in length). Since garages usually mean less space for living quarters, you should be ready for compact living quarters when you choose a toy hauler with a large garage space. However, different sized haulers offer different benefits.

Price range: It’s also important to have a budget with an upper and lower limit since toy hauler campers are available in different price ranges. The best toy hauler is one that matches your budget and offers you exactly what you need.

Best 5th Wheel Toy Hauler

1. Grand Design Momentum-399TH (MSRP: $ 128,861)

2021 Grand Design Momentum-399 Toy Hauler Travel Trailer - Exterior

Image: Grand Design RV

If you want an outstanding 5th wheel toy hauler in 2021, consider the Grand Design Momentum –399TH. The latest 399TH is amazing both inside and outside. This 5th wheel toy hauler camper is unmatched in many aspects, including practicality. If you need to haul toys, the 13-foot garage has enough room for a dirt bike, a two-seater SXS, or similar toys. Toys and gear can fit perfectly.

Hauling features aside, the Grand Design Momentum 399TH has amazing features that any camper would wish for. For instance, the 399TH comes with a foldable side patio, loft sleeper that can double up as storage space, a full-sized shower, second bathroom, a master bath with a tub, and more.

2021 Grand Design Momentum-399 Toy Hauler Travel Trailer - Inside Layout

Image: Grand Design RV

Main Specs

· Length and exterior height: 43 feet, 1-inch, and 13 feet, 5-inches, respectively.

· Garage size: 13 feet

· Dry weight: 15,900 lbs

· Sleeps: 7 people

· Fresh water capacity: 155 galons

· Black water capacity: 104 galons

· Grey water capacity: 104 galons

· Fuel capacity: 60 galons

Main pros and cons

Generally, the Grand Design Momentum-399TH can handle whatever application one would expect with the best fifth-wheel toy haulers in the market today. With a 60-gallon tank of fuel, a spacious 13 feet garage capable of carrying any toy or cargo thinkable, master suite with tap, electric fireplace, kitchen with bar stools, and more, the 399TH can offer any varied ideas of toy hauler camper experiences while offering unmatched fun and comfort. The exquisite interior and exterior add some style to the whole experience.

The fuel capacity may be a bit low. However, the toy hauler stands out in all other aspects.

Best Class A Toy Hauler Camper

2. Thor Outlaw 38MB (MSRP: $263,250)

Thor Outlaw 38MB Toy Hauler Travel Trailer - Exterior

Image: Thor Motorcoach

Class A toy haulers have a longer garage that averages 10-feet in length. The Thor Outlaw 38MB garage measures 10 feet, 2 inches by 8 feet in length and width, respectively. The toy hauler is very practical and attractive at the same time.

Like many top Class A toy haulers, the Outlaw 38MB has ample space enough to accommodate toys, riding gear, and other cargo like camping chairs. Other notable features include a fuelling station for fuelling toys and practical attractiveness that can’t be rivaled by most Class A toy hauler campers available today.

Thor Outlaw 38MB Toy Hauler Travel Trailer - Inside Layout

Image: Thor Motorcoach

Main Specs

· Length and exterior height: 39feet, 10-inch, and 13 feet, 3-inches, respectively.

· Garage dimensions: 8-feet by 10-feet, 2-inches.

· Hitch weight: 8000 lbs

· Sleeps: 7 or 8. Has 6 seat beds.

· Fresh water capacity: 150 gallons

· Waste water capacity: 40 gallons

· Gray water capacity: 40 gallons

· Fuel capacity: 80 gallons


Main pros and cons

The Thor Outlaw 38MB stands out in many ways, from the ample garage space to the powerful Onan 5500 generator. The 38MB also has superior safety mechanisms such as surge protection when using shore power.

However, like any other toy hauler, the Thor Outlaw 38MB has some cons. For instance, the Gray and black water tanks don’t have adequate capacity, according to many reviews. The 40 gallons for both tanks (Gray and black water) aren’t enough for a toy hauler camper that sleeps 7 to 8 people. What’s more, the Outlaw 38MB is a bit costly to many, given its price tag of over $263,000.

Best Class C Toy Hauler

3. The Thor Outlaw 29J (MSRP: $153,150)

The 2021 Thor Outlaw 29J Toy Hauler - External View

Image: Thor Motorcoach

The Thor Outlaw 29J is the ultimate Class C toy hauler in the market currently. The 29J doesn’t follow traditional rules of motorhomes in many ways. With standard offerings like four LED TVs (one situated in the garage and another one outside), a kitchen featuring a large window and double-door refrigerator, pantry for snacks, and sleeping capacity for eight, there’s nothing ordinary about this Class C toy hauler camper.

The 2021 Thor Outlaw 29J Travel Trailer - Inside Floor Plan

Image: Thor Motorcoach

Main Specs

· Exterior width and height: 8-feet, 3-inch, and 10-feet, 10-inches, respectively.

· Garage size: 8-feet

· Hitch weight and gross weight: 8,000 and 14,500 lbs, respectively.

· Sleeps: 8

· Fresh water capacity: 40 gallons

· Gray water capacity: 34 gallons

· Black water capacity: 30 gallons

· Fuel capacity: 55 gallons

Main pros and cons

Thor Outlaw 29J is designed for accommodating basic storage needs. The sizable garage allows you to carry along toys such as kayaks, bicycles, and ATVs with ease instead of making space for them in the main area. The 29J has many unique features, such as a deadbolt lock for unmatched safety and an Onan RV-QG-4000 gas generator capable of meeting all off-grid/camping needs. The 29J also comes with notable options like a cab-over child safety net for added safety.

However, many reviews indicate that the Gray, black, and fresh water capacity are low at 34, 30, and 40 gallons, respectively, given the Outlaw 29J is an 8-capacity toy hauler.

Best small toy haulers

4. The Forest River No Boundaries-19.1 (MSRP: $38,150)

2021 Forest River No Boundaries-19.1 Toy Hauler Camper Trailer - Exterior

Image: Forest River, Inc.

The Forest River 19.1 is slightly less than 25 feet long, making it slightly longer than other small toy haulers in the market today. However, the added length doesn’t make the toy hauler camper heavier, given the weight is 4,482 lbs. The No Boundaries is incredibly flexible for individuals interested in unmatched towing vehicle flexibility without compromising interior space.

Additional length also translates to more space for toys and the living area. The garage measures 127″ by 65″. The No Boundaries 19.1 also has pantry space and added storage that can be used to create more sitting space. Most importantly, this small toy hauler has a full bath, a kitchen, and 60 by 80-inch bed.

2021 Forest River No Boundaries-19.1 Toy Hauler Camper Trailer - Inside Layout

Image: Forest River, Inc.

Main Specs

· Exterior length and exterior height: 24-feet, 11-inches and 9-feet, 11-inches.

· Garage size: 127 by 65

· Hitch weight and cargo capacity: 720 lbs and 3,238 lbs, respectively.

· Sleeps: 3

· Fresh water capacity: 30 gallons

· Black water capacity: 30 gallons

Main pros and cons

The Forest River 19.1 is perfect for individuals looking for a small, lightweight toy hauler that compromises on nothing. The toy hauler camper pushes limits by being versatile, unbelievably lightweight, and capable of handling any outdoor camping experience.

What’s more, the Forest River 19.1 has been made to last thanks to the welded aluminum frame and offers adaptable storage space for all manner of toys (mountain bikes to kayaks and snowboards). It is also towable by typical 4-cylinder vehicles. The price is also great. However, anyone who chooses the Forest River 19.1 shouldn’t expect too much. While the fresh and black water capacity may be low, the Forest River 19.1 offers a perfect mix of everything that anyone would wish for in a small toy hauler.

5. The Rockwood Geo Pro-G19FBTH (MSRP: $27,678)

2021 Rockwood Geo Pro-G19FBTH Toy Hauler - External View

Image: Forest River, Inc.

The Rockwood Geo Pro – G19FBTH also stands out among the best small toy hauler campers in 2021. This hauler has a cargo area measuring 6-feet, 11-inches, and a ramp specifically meant for toys. The design is compact featuring multifunctional spaces like flip-up seats.

The ramp can be dropped when the Rockwood Geo Pro – G19FBTH is parked to provide an open living area. Other notable features include a full bed, full dry bathroom, and a TV inside the bedroom.

2021 Rockwood Geo Pro-G19FBTH Toy Hauler - Inside Layout

Image: Forest River, Inc.

Main Specs

· Exterior length and width: 20-feet, 2-inch, and 92-inches, respectively.

· Exterior height: 10-feet

· Hitch weight: 581 lbs

· Sleeps: 3

· Fresh water capacity: 31 gallons

· Black water capacity: 30 gallons

· Gray water capacity: 16 gallons

· Fuel capacity: 55 gallons

Main pros and cons

The cargo length capacity (6-feet, 11-inches) is enough to carry off-road toys to a camping site. Other features like the ramp door make it easy to load/unload toys and cargo to this small toy hauler. The full bed (54 by 74 inches) and large dry bathroom make the Rockwood Geo Pro – G19FBTH offer a large toy hauler camper experience.

The 3-burner cooktop is more than ideal for making delicious meals on the go or while camping. What’s more, the refrigerator can store enough food and drinks that can last three people for days. The Gray water capacity may be too low at 16 gallons. However, there’s a lot to help you overlook the minor shortfalls of the Rockwood Geo Pro – G19FBTH.

Best Lightweight Toy Haulers

6. The Forest River No Boundaries – 10.6 (MSRP: $25,222)

2021 Forest River No Boundaries - 10.6 Toy Hauler Trailer - External View

Image: Forest River, Inc.

For those searching for an extremely lightweight toy hauler that stands out, Forest River 10.6 comes highly recommended. While it’s not advisable to carry big toys with this toy hauler, it’s adequate enough for some gear and hauling a motorbike.

If you can only spare 2000 lbs and don’t really care much about comfort and related niceties, the Forest River 10.6 is a great lightweight hauler. At a 1,606 UVW, the toy hauler can carry 1992 lbs.

2021 Forest River No Boundaries - 10.6 Toy Hauler Camper - Inside Layout

Image: Forest River, Inc.

Main Specs

· Exterior width and height: 88 inches, and 7-feet, 5-inches, respectively. Dimensions are 13.9 by 7.33 by 7.5 feet

· Hitch weight: 236 lbs

· Sleeps: 4

· Fresh water capacity: 30 gallons

· Gray water capacity: 0 gallons

· Black water capacity: 0 gallons

Main pros and cons

The only downside to the 2021 Forest River 10.6 is the limited capacity, garage storage, and amenities. However, this is an expected shortfall for someone keen on getting a lightweight toy hauler camper.

While you won’t have a dedicated bathroom, sleeping quarters, or indoor kitchen, there’s an outdoor kitchen and room for improvising. The toy hauler also comes with a cooler and freshwater tank for camping escapades that don’t require many amenities besides some space for toys.

7. The Jayco Octane 161 Super Lite (MSRP: $31,538)

2020 Jayco Octane 161 Super Lite Toy Hauler Camper Trailer - External View

Image: Jayco, Inc.

If you want an alternative to the 2021 Forest River 10.6, consider the 2020 Jayco Octane 161 Super Lite. This toy hauler has a decent hauling capacity for its size. The storage is also impressive. The 2020 Jayco Octane 161 Super Lite is still popular among individuals who prefer longer garage areas that have a decent width and height.

The interior room is more than most lightweight toy haulers offer. You can fit a bike and outdoor equipment with ease. If you like the cargo-carrying capacity of 2930lbs, this toy hauler camper is highly recommendable.

2020 Jayco Octane 161 Super Lite Toy Hauler Camper Trailer - Inside Layout

Image: Jayco, Inc.

Main Specs

· Exterior width: 8-feet, 6-inches.

· Garage size: 11-feet, 7-inches

· Dry hitch weight: 650 lbs

· Sleeps: 4

· Fresh water capacity: 53 gallons

· Black tank capacity: 45 gallons

· Gray tank capacity: 28 gallons

Main pros and cons

The Jayco Octate 161 doesn’t have a large toilet. However, the toy hauler compensates with excellent food storage space and decent carrying capacity for a lightweight toy hauler camper. Unlike the 2021 Forest River 10.6, the Jayco Octate 161 has black and Gray water tanks. However, plan to spend more than you would for the 2021 Forest River 10.6.

Jayco Octate 161 also has features like air conditioning and an automatic ignition furnace to make lengthy camping trips more enjoyable.