Our Guide To The 12 Best Camping Chairs

It is possible to go camping without one of the best camping chairs. (In fact, we’ve tried it.) But sitting next to a campfire on a too-small rock or a jagged tree stump isn’t the most comfortable way to enjoy the outdoors. It’s also not necessary when you consider all the options on the market—from budget-friendly camp stools to high-end camp recliners.

The most important thing to consider when choosing a camp chair is how you’ll use it and who will use it. (No matter what style you choose, you’ll want to make sure it fits the person who will be using it most.) If you’ll use the chair mainly for camping, choose a style that’s fairly lightweight and folds up easily. (It’ll cut down on your frustration when it comes to setting up and tearing down camp.) Also, don’t be afraid to prioritize comfort. Just because you’re “roughing it” in the outdoors, doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable.

In our round-up of the 12 best camp chairs, you’ll see that today’s designs have come a long way from the canvas camp stools of a generation ago. Looking for a cup holder? Footrest? Room for two? Today’s chairs offer all that and more. Choose your category to find the right camp chair for you.

For the Campsite

Chairs in this category have all the comfort and features you could want. If you’re not backpacking (or portability doesn’t rank high on your list), you can afford to choose a heavier chair (or even loveseat)!

For the Backcountry Campsite

If you’re a backpacker, you’ll want a chair that’s lightweight and that folds to a compact size. These two options check both boxes while still giving you a comfy place to sit, while still offering you a place to comfortably relax while sipping a campfire coffee.

best camping chairs for the beach

For the Beach

For a day at the beach, low-profile chairs are best. (That way you won’t sink into the sand.) Plus, you can easily sit in the water if the day gets too toasty.

best camping chair for concerts and outdoor festivals

For the Outdoor Concert

Like beach chairs, portable chairs for outdoor summer concerts are best when they’re low profile. (That way you won’t block anyone’s view and you won’t need a footrest for comfort.)

For the Kids

Though kids tend to be on the move at camp, it can be helpful to have pint-sized chairs for younger campers. (And this way, they won’t take yours!)