The Top 7 Best Hybrid Travel Trailers Money Can Buy

What is a Hybrid Camper?

Hybrid travel trailers or hybrid campers are simply a cross between camper trailers and caravans. Hybrid campers have many refined features ranging from their size to weight and sleeping capacity. For instance, hybrid travel trailers tend to have narrower bodies matching a larger 4×4, making it easier to pass through narrow bush tracks on your way to a campsite. They also tend to slipstream well behind a vehicle reducing fuel costs. Hybrid campers also offer more room for sleeping. They also tend to be lighter, cheaper, and towable using popular family vehicles i.e., minivans, and cross-over SUVs. In simple terms, hybrid campers offer the best of camper trailers and tents in one.

Benefits of Hybrid Campers

There are many pros for buying hybrid travel trailers over standard campers. The most notable include;

I. Better access to nature

As mentioned above, hybrid campers have been made to size to fit in narrow bush tracks leading to the most remote campsites.

II. Cheaper per square foot

They are also cheaper than traditional campers but offer the same, if not a better experience during travel, sleeping and overall stay at the campsite.

III. Lighter and better floor space usage

Hybrid campers have been designed to weigh less while offering the same space when compared to traditional campers. The design features beds as pop-out sections instead of utilizing valuable floor space and adding weight.

IV. Tow-able by many popular vehicles

As mentioned above, it’s also possible to tow a hybrid travel trailer using many popular vehicles like minivans and cross over SUVs since hybrid campers are lighter and narrower while on transit.

Drawbacks of hybrid campers:

I. Less protection from external elements

Hybrid campers tend to be more susceptible to external elements like noise, smell, and temperature. Since pop-out sections are made using fabric. You are more likely to hear more noise, smells, and be subjected to temperature changes more than you would in a traditional camper. However, these drawbacks can be managed by choosing a camping site more carefully.

II. Regulation challenges

It’s also worth noting that some camping grounds i.e., state or national forests and parks, may not allow hybrid campers for safety reasons. This drawback can be managed by finding out beforehand if your camping site allows hard-sided campers only.

III. Mold/mildew risks

The soft side of hybrid campers is also susceptible to mold/mildew buildup than traditional campers, which have walls that keep moisture out completely. While hybrid campers may have moisture-resistant pop-out sides, the is a higher risk of mold/mildew buildup in a downpour or when camping in humid areas.

An overview of the 7 best hybrid travel trailers money can buy

2021 Jayco Jay Feather – X23E

Hybrid Travel Trailer - 2021 Jayco Jay Feather - X23E Exterior

Image: Jayco, Inc.

This 2021 hybrid camper is perfect for individuals looking for a spacious hybrid travel trailer that can comfortably accommodate 9 people and offer ample living space. The Jay Feather X23E is a triple-tent hybrid featuring rear, front and side tents. The hybrid camper features scratch-resistant vinyl tent material (with zipper windows) and Aluminum tread entry steps. Other notable features include stronghold vacuum bonded bed platforms and a 1,050-lb cargo weight rating. The camper has Goodyear tires and Dexter axles featuring galvanized steel wheel wells and self-adjusting electric brakes.

Hybrid Travel Trailer - 2021 Jayco Jay Feather - X23E Floor Plan

Image: Jayco, Inc.

Main specs:
• Sleeping capacity: 9
• Length: 26feet, 8 inches
• Exterior height: 10-feet, 10-inches
• Fresh water capacity: 42 gallons
• Black water capacity: 30.5 gallons
• Grey water capacity: 22.5 gallons
• Gross weight: 6,150 lbs.
• Cargo weight: 1,030 lbs.

Besides offering ample sleeping space, the Jay Feather X23E also offers space for dining and playing games, making it a great hybrid family travel trailer. There’s ample storage space (four storage compartments in the exterior) and a kitchen with two pantries to make warm meals before a hike. The water repellent and scratch resistant tent material eliminate common drawbacks of hybrid campers. You can expect a mold-free experience with the X23E. The camper tents will also look great for years.

2021 Keystone Bullet Crossfire 2190ex

Hybrid Camper - Keystone Bullet Crossfire 2190ex Exterior

The Keystone Bullet Crossfire 2190ex also stands out in our list of best hybrid travel trailers currently. This ultra-light coach has been designed with a luxurious touch and countless practical features. This hybrid travel trailer features innovative floorplans, unmatched towability, and an unrivaled lightweight design.

The 2190ex can easily qualify as one of the best 2020 luxury lightweight hybrid campers out there today. What’s more, the travel trailer can come with more amenities on request, such as groundbreaking floorplans. The Keystone Bullet Crossfire 2190ex is a true representation of Bullet’s commitment to listening to its customers and building exactly what they want. While this trailer may stand out for many things, it is perfect for individuals looking for a luxurious and easiest ultra-light hybrid travel trailer to tow. As a true embodiment of the mantra that more is better (especially when it comes to pop-outs), the 2190ex trailer features a total of 3 queen pop out beds, as well as a U-Shaped Dinette.

Hybrid Camper Trailer - Keystone Bullet Crossfire 2190ex Floor Plan

Image: Keystone RV

Main specs:
• Sleeping capacity: 4-10
• Length: 25feet, 4 inches
• Exterior height: 10-feet, 4-inches – 10-feet, 10-inches
• Fresh water capacity: 43 gallons
• Black water capacity: 30 gallons
• Grey water capacity: 30 gallons
• Gross weight: 4,126 lbs.
• Cargo weight: 2,174 lbs.

Other notable features include an outdoor kitchen, pass-through storage, double-size bunks, a full bathroom, and a sofa. This camper is designed for fun family camping adventures coupled with home essentials like a full kitchen inside and an outdoor kitchen for preparing healthy meals for your family.

2021 Palomino Solaire Expandable – 147X

Hybrid Travel Trailer - 2021 Palomino Solaire Expandable - 147X Exterior

Image: Palomino RV

If a lightweight hybrid is still of utmost importance, but you wish for a slightly higher sleeping capacity, the Solaire Expandable 147X comes highly recommended. This ultra-light 2021 hybrid trailer weighs 3,234 lbs. only and sleeps up to eight people. The Solaire Expandable 147X comes with notable luxuries such as two-self-supporting full queen-size beds featuring heated mattresses. This hybrid camper also has a dropdown booth dinette featuring overhead cabinets and under dinette seats. A jackknife sofa with underneath storage has also been tacked away neatly across from the dinette. The camper also has a fully enclosed 3-pc bathroom.

Hybrid Travel Trailer - 2021 Palomino Solaire Expandable - 147X Floor Plan

Image: Palomino RV

Main specs:
• Sleeping capacity: Sleeps up to 8
• Length: 14-feet
• Exterior height: 10-feet, 1-inches
• Fresh water capacity: 44 gallons
• Black water capacity: 30 gallons
• Grey water capacity: 30 gallons
• Dry weight: 3,073 lbs.
• Cargo weight: 2,174 lbs.

Main specifications aside, this hybrid camper has features such as an outside shower, high gloss gel coated fiberglass exterior, bumper-mounted outdoor barbeque, double door fridge, and power awning featuring built-in LED lights.

2020 Forest River Flagstaff – Shamrock 233S

Hybrid Travel Trailer Exterior - 2020 Forest River Flagstaff- Shamrock 233S

Image: Forest River RV

The flagstaff Shamrock is synonymous with quality and amenities. The brand brings residential living to a campsite. What’s more, there are many floor plans to choose from to match your specific needs/preferences. Whether you are searching for expanded interior space provided by drop-down bunks or heated mattresses and/or a travel trailer that feels traditional but with a modern touch, look no further.

The 233S model stands out for notable features like ample sleeping space for up to nine people, an entertainment center, flip sofa, U-shaped dinette, and end beds that set the stage for unmatched family fun and adventure. The three tend end beds offer unmatched space for everyone.

Hybrid Travel Trailer Floor Plan - 2020 Forest River Flagstaff- Shamrock 233S

Image: Forest River RV

Main specs:
• Sleeping capacity: Sleeps up to 9
• Length: 24-feet, 10-inches
• Exterior height: 10-feet, 5-inches
• Fresh water capacity: 58 gallons
• Black water capacity: 30 gallons
• Grey water capacity: 30 gallons
• Dry weight: 5,063 lbs.
• Cargo weight: 1,645 lbs.

This hybrid camper is your idea hybrid expandable travel trailer with a large capacity and smooth towing attributable to easy lube axles coupled with Nev-R adjust braking. On the inside, the 233S offers solid surface kitchen countertops as well as all the appliances needed to prepare meals while on the go. Other notable features include a pole-less bed cable system and heated mattresses at a small added premium.

KZ Escape E191BHK 2021 Model

Hybrid Camper Exterior - 2021 KZ Escape E191BHK

Image: KZ RV

For a relatively lightweight hybrid camper that can sleep 5 and offer some notable expandables, the E191BHK comes highly recommended. The E191BHK comes with a front queen bed, slid out dinette, bunk beds, pass-through storage, full bath, and outside griddle, just to mention a few notable features.

This hybrid camper has a strong, durable roof (aluma-a-tough), R-7 insulation, as well as a diamond plate rock protection to protect occupants from flying debris and rocks common during camping experiences. Other notable features include the power awning (featuring a porch light), residential grade linoleum, and Amish-crafted rail-style cabinet doors (with modern handles), among other home comforts.

Hybrid Camper Floor Plan - 2021 KZ Escape E191BHK

Image: KZ RV

Main specs:
• Sleeping capacity: 5
• Length: 22-feet, 1-inch
• Exterior height: 9-feet, 4-inches
• Fresh water capacity: 20 gallons
• Black water capacity: 32 gallons
• Grey water capacity: 32 gallons
• Dry weight: 3,350 lbs.
• Cargo weight: 895 lbs.

The KZ Escape E191BHK is a great hybrid camper for escaping to the woods with 5 or six occupants. The 10-inch awning with a porch light is perfect for preparing meals outdoors on the trailer’s outside griddle. Other notable features like the outdoor refrigerator ensure a constant supply of cold drinks.

KZ Escape E160RBT 2021 model

Hybrid Travel Trailer - 2021 KZ Escape E160RBT Exterior

Image: KZ RV

KZ Escape features again in this list with its new mid-sized family hybrid camper that can also work perfectly for a group of friends. This camper can accommodate six. It features two tend beds, a booth dinette, and 10-inch power awning, just to mention a few top features.

The tent beds mean more space for moving around in the day time. The E160RBT also features a cleverly-designed corner bathroom that frees up more space and provides privacy. You can relax at the booth dinette or sofa in the day time and store your belongings and supply with ease, given the front trunk door offers adequate storage space.

Hybrid Travel Trailer - 2021 KZ Escape E160RBT Floor Plan

Image: KZ RV

Main specs:
• Sleeping capacity: 6
• Length: 19-feet
• Exterior height: 8-feet, 11-inches
• Fresh water capacity: 20 gallons
• Black water capacity: 24 gallons
• Grey water capacity: 32 gallons
• Dry weight: 2,760 lbs.
• Cargo weight: 740 lbs.

KZ Escape E160RBT offers the ultimate lightweight hybrid travel trailer experience for mid-sized family needs. This camper is functional and comfortable with high-quality, durability, and safety in mind attributable to features such as Aqualon Edge material used on every expandable unit, and Alum-a-Tough roofing that protects the camper from exterior elements even after years of adventure.

Forest River Rockwood – Roo 233S (2021 Model)

Hybrid Camper - 2021 Forest River Rockwood - Roo 233S Exterior

Image: Forest River RV

For the most spacious hybrid camper in this list, consider the Forest River Rockwood 233s that sleeps 10 people. This camper has three expendable beds and a slide-out featuring a large dinette. The expandable beds measure 60 by 80, while the U-shaped dinette measures 44 by 85. This hybrid trailer also has a 67-inch flip-out sofa that can easily double up as bed space. The 10-sleeping capacity on a trailer weighing 5,063 lbs. is truly unique.

Hybrid Camper - 2021 Forest River Rockwood - Roo 233S Floor Plan

Image: Forest River RV

Main specs:
• Sleeping capacity: 10
• Length: 24-feet, 10-inches
• Exterior height: 10-feet, 5-inches
• Fresh water capacity: 52 gallons
• Black water capacity: 30gallons
• Grey water capacity: 30gallons
• Dry weight: 5,063 lbs.
• Cargo weight: 1,645 lbs.

The large and lightweight design comes with many impressive interior and exterior features. The interior has some notable features like full extension residential metal drawer guides, engineered mold, and mildew resistant flooring, decorative valances, spacious dinette, double door gas/electric refrigerator, counter top extension, and much more. The exterior has full aluminum roof, sidewall and floor frames, roof mounted solar prep, and laminated champagne-colored fiberglass sidewalls, just to mention a few exterior features. What else would you wish for in a hybrid camper that sleeps 10 people?

There you go. There are many 2020 and 2021 hybrid travel trailers to look out for. While there may be many other great new hybrid campers out there, our list has been compiled based on firsthand information that included verifiable reviews from actual owners of these amazing campers. While there are obvious differences in taste and preference when it comes to hybrid travel trailers and more information about the above models, our list is composed of highly sought-after models for their expandable features and other notable features/specs (such as lightweight design) that give them an edge over traditional campers.

If you need comfort, clever-design, luxuries, protection, low running costs, among other notable benefits of hybrid campers discussed above, consider the above 7 hybrid campers first.



Q. What fabric is used on hybrid campers?

A. The pop outs of Hybrid camper trailers are typically made with vinyl, canvas, or a combination of the two.


Q. How to hybrid campers pop up?

A. The ends of most hybrid campers can be simply unlocked, folded down, and then secured using tent type poles.


Q. How much do hybrid campers weigh?

A. Hybrid camper trailers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and typically weigh between 3,000 and 6,000 pounds.


Q. Who makes hybrid campers?

A. Below is a list of our favorite hybrid camper manufactures.