10 Best Camping Fire Pits

In many campsites across the country, fire pits are a standard feature. But if you’re camping off the grid or in a region that prohibits fires on the ground, a portable camping fire pit is a worthwhile investment. Not only can you use it on camping trips, you can also set it up in the backyard (and in some cases, on a patio).

No matter where you’re camping, it’s always a good idea to check local fire rules and regulations. (In certain times of the year in certain parts of the country, fires of all types are prohibited.) As wildfires continue to be a significant problem worldwide, campers should do their part to practice fire safety and prevention.

That said, our picks for best camping fire pits are all designed to be safe and easy-to-use. When choosing a fire pit, here are some things to consider:

  • Fuel type: Do you prefer wood-burning or propane fire pits? If the latter, do you have access to propane?
  • Size and portability: Will you set up the fire pit at a campsite and leave it for the season or will you pack it up for each camping trip?
  • Cooking: Do you plan to cook or grill over the fire? If so, you’ll want to buy a fire pit that’s big enough to accommodate your cooking needs and can be used with a grill grate.

Here are our favorite camping fire pits:

Best Camping Fire Pits: Wood-burning

If you have firewood to spare or you’re looking for a traditional campfire experience, check out the following wood-burning fire pits.

This Flatpack fire pit from UCO comes in two sizes: mini (with a 9 x 6.75-inch grilling area) and regular (with a 13 x 10-inch grilling area). Whichever size you choose, this handy fire pit sets up in just 30 seconds and folds flat when not in use. An integrated grill means that you can easily use it for cooking and to keep warm. It’s also the cheapest fire pit on our list so it’s perfect for first-time campers or people with a limited budget.

This low-profile fire pit is perfect for when you want to have a traditional campfire but want to have minimal or no impact on the ground and surrounding environment. The fire pit folds up to a compact size and weighs around 2 lbs. If you’re prefer to use it for cooking, you can purchase a grill grate (sold separately) and burn coals instead of wood.

Fireside Outdoor Pop-up Fire Pit

Fireside Outdoor was founded in 2016 with the goal of making campfires safer and better for the environment. A team of engineers developed their pop-up fire pit so that it’s easy to use and easy to contain. When you purchase the fire pit, you’ll also get a grill grate, heat shield (to protect the ground underneath), and a carrying case.

portable camping fire pit

Photo credit: Solo Stove

The futuristic looking fire pits from Solo Stoves have been gaining a cult following and for good reason. These simple portable fire pits are lightweight, easy to use, and come in a variety of sizes. Although they are meant for wood-burning fires, they’re specially designed to minimize smoke. The Ranger model is the smallest of their fire pit line at 12.5 inches tall and 15 inches wide.

The Titan from Solo Stove is the younger sibling of the Ranger. Although similar in design, the Titan is intended to be a wood-burning backpacking stove. (It can also be used on fire-safe outdoor tabletops.) Despite its small size, the Titan is an efficient cooker and can boil water in just 4-5 minutes. It’s also the perfect mini fire pit for s’mores.

This steel fire pit from Snow Peak is an easy way to keep a campfire contained and off the ground. It comes in two sizes and folds up into a carrying case (included).

Best Camping Fire Pits: Propane

Propane fire pits are growing in popularity and it’s easy to see why. Just like indoor gas fireplaces, this type of fire pit doesn’t require any wood or fire-building skills. When you’re ready to cook or sit by the fire’s glow, you simply turn it on. (Just make sure you have enough propane!)

Photo credit: Camp Chef

Lava rocks help disperse and radiate heat in this portable fire pit from Camp Chef—and they provide the ambiance of a wood-burning fire. The steel-frame fire pit comes with a connector and a 5-foot long hose so you can attach it to a propane fuel tank. Unlike wood-burning fires, this fire pit has an adjustable dial so you can set your fire to just the right intensity for roasting. (And as an added bonus, a carrying case and 4 extendable roasting sticks are included.)

Outland Living Fire Bowl

This compact steel fire pit is easy to use and will provide hours of smoke-free campfire memories. Outland Living’s fire pits come in several sizes, and at 19 inches in diameter, this one is the smallest in the line-up. It comes with a regulator and a 10-foot hose.

Camco Little Red Campfire

For a small portable fire with a retro look, check out Camco’s Little Red Campfire. This propane-fueled fire comes with faux logs, built-in fire tray, adjustable regulator, and an 8-foot hose. Best of all, it all packs up into a sturdy red carrying case.

Fire Sense’s fire pit combines rugged construction with simple design. The steel frame is coated with a heat-resistant painted finish and the foldable legs make it easier to transport and store. Like most propane fire pits, this one comes with a regulator and hose, but it also comes with a lid and a propane stand.

Fire Pit Accessories

No matter which fire pit you choose, here are some of our favorite campfire accessories:

  • Telescoping roasting sticks are a must for campfire cooking and roasting. This set includes 8 color-coded roasting sticks and a carrying case.
  • Using a fireproof mat beneath your fire pit will protect the lawn, patio, or campsite.
  • Pie irons are an easy way to make meals over the fire—from breakfast sandwiches to mini hot apple pies. For inspiration, check out these pie iron recipes.
  • Along with marshmallows and hot dogs, fresh popcorn is another classic campfire food. This 2-quart popper will make enough popcorn for the whole family.