10 Best RVing YouTube Channels

If you love spending summer weekends in your RV—or have dreamed of a full-time life on the road, YouTube has many RV-loving channels that feature people doing just that. You can find travel inspiration, renovation and maintenance tips, DIY projects, and more. Read on for the 10 best RVing YouTube channels that will help you make your RV dreams a reality—or just teach you how to finally fix that leak!

1. RVLove

Best RVing YouTube Videos Channel - RVLove
Marc and Julie Bennett didn’t wait until retirement to live their full-time RVing dreams. In 2014, they sold their Colorado home, bought an RV, and started living and working on the road. They’ve since traveled through all 50 states (plus Australia!) and written a book about their experiences called Living the RV Life: Your Ultimate Guide to Life on the Road.

As Marc and Julie explain on their website: “We wanted the freedom to explore and experience all of the nature and beauty of the world while we’re still young, fit and healthy. When we began thinking about all the places we wanted to see and all the things we wanted to do, we realized it would be almost impossible to fit them all into our golden years…Then we had a not-so-crazy though: Why not start now?” 

2. RV Lifestyle

RV YouTube Videos Channel - RV Lifestyle

You can’t expect a longtime journalist and certified fitness instructor to have an idle retirement—and as avid RVers, Mike and Jennifer Wendland certainly don’t. Mike had a decades-long career as a reporter and while he loved his work, one thing he regretted was the quick nature of it.

He called it being a “parachute journalist” where he’d drop in a location (often international), do his work, and quickly leave. Now that he and Jennifer are retired, they want to take their time in the destinations they visit. On their popular RVing YouTube channel, they share videos of their travels throughout North America and stories about the interesting people they meet along the way.

3. You Me & the RV

RV YouTuber Videos Channel - You me & The RV

When Phil and Stacy Farley’s children grew up and left home, the adventurous couple hit the road. The couple first met while serving in the U.S. Navy and have always shared a love of travel. Now that they’ve seen the world, they’re taking the opportunity to explore the U.S. in their RV, Ruby. You can see a map of their recent travels on their website (they’ve logged more than 15,000 miles since 2018), and catch their latest videos on their channel.

4. Keep Your Daydream

Best RVing YouTube Videos Channel -Keep Your Daydream

A few years ago, Tricia and Marc spent a lot of time watching videos about full-time RV life. The problem? A lot of the people they saw seemed to have unlimited finances or wanted to completely change their lives. Tricia and Marc (and their three kids) were perfectly happy with their lives, they just wanted a little change.

In 2016, they loaded up their family and took a 6-month RVing trip around the U.S. Since that first trip, they’ve been to 38 states and three countries! In their videos, they encourage others with their tagline: “Your dreams matter. Start small—Start now!”

5. Nomadic Fanatic

RV YouTuber Videos Channel - Nomadic Fantastic

Not all RVers are couples and families with kids. Eric Jacobs of Nomadic Fanatic travels the country with his 26-pound feline sidekick Jax. Jacobs lived in his RV full-time for three years before he posted his first video and decided to pursue a vlogging career. Today, he has upwards of 200,000 subscribers and has shared more than 1,000 videos. Recent destinations include Lake Shasta National Forest, Nashville, and Florida.

6. The Fit RV

The Fit RV - RV YouTube Videos Channel

Not everyone takes the same path to the RV world. Stef and James weren’t looking to live full-time on the road and they didn’t buy an RV so they could hit up the national parks. They were both endurance athletes who traveled for competitions, and they bought their first RV so they’d have a dependable and ready-made place to stay. As Stef tells it: “We didn’t set out to become RVers. It sort of snuck up on us.

We got tired of standing in long porta-potty lines before endurance events and decided we needed our own bathroom.” But after they purchased their first RV, they were hooked. Today they combine their love of fitness and RVs in videos that range from “Full Body Resistance Bands Workout” to “How to Fix a Failing Cabinet Latch in Your RV.”

7. The Chick’s Life

The Chick's Life - RV YouTuber Videos Channel

In 2017, James and Ashley sold their home and most of their possessions to travel full-time with their two kids—and their Great Dane! Twice a week, the family shares new videos on their channel.

Some of the videos are inspiring travelogues while others address practical RV life topics such as: “How We Make Money Traveling Full Time,” “Common RV Problems and How To Fix Them,” and “Roadschooling Tips & Tricks.”

8. RV With Tito

RV YouTube Video Channel - RV With Tito

In their 12 years of RVing, Brian and Melissa have learned a lot. Now on the channel RV With Tito, Brian shares that hands-on knowledge with anyone wanting to learn the practical skills that are necessary for owning an RV. His informative videos cover everything from basic RV maintenance (perfect for people who are new to RVing) to DIY RV upgrades.

9. Getaway Couple

RV YouTuber Channel - The Getaway Couple

Rae and Jason’s love of travel inspired them to pay off their debts, stockpile some savings, and buy their first RV. Since 2017, the couple has been living on the road full time and documents their travels (and lessons learned) on their channel. They share tips for beginners as well advice for more experienced RVers. Recent travels include Albuquerque, Great Sand Dunes, and Rocky Mountain National Park.

10. Pippi Peterson

RV YouTuber Channel - Pippi Anderson

Pippi Peterson grew up in a family of DIYers and lived a nomadic life long before she bought her first RV. But since 2013, she’s lived (with her greyhound, Chase) in an RV she renovated herself. On her channel, she shares the highs and lows of RV living, renovation and maintenance tips, advice for off-the-grid solar camping, and a peek at her life as she crisscrosses the U.S.

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