Let’s Go Glamping!

For some people, camping is about getting away from the comforts of home and challenging themselves in the outdoors. For others, it’s about recreating their modern life (complete with air-conditioning and surround-sound) at a campsite. Luxury camping has been around for a long time but “glamping” has only been around since 2005 when someone decided to make a new word from “glamorous” and “camping.” (Genius, right?) The idea caught on and “glamping” became an internet and social trend—and it’s still going strong.

What Does “Glamping” Mean?

Glamping is about more than camping with modern conveniences. Instead it takes luxury camping to the extreme with accessories such as chandeliers (yes, in tents), expensive bed linens, and custom bell-shaped tents. The hotel industry has picked up on the trend too, and resorts around the world now offer glamping-inspired accommodations.

As with any trend, however, you can pick and choose the parts that work for you. If you’d like to add a little luxury to your next outdoor adventure, here are 12 items that can turn an ordinary camping trip into a glamping trip. (Chandelier optional.)

1. A Glamping Tent

Bell-shaped tents (they resemble yurts) are the standard shelters in the glamping world. Depending on the size, this tent can offer up to eight feet of headroom plus plenty of space for beds and other furniture. (Because true glamping requires a lot of furniture.) Danchel makes a variety of bell-shaped tents like (There’s also a ). Checkout our full collection of the best glamping tents here.

2. A Comfy Bed

Sleeping on the hard ground (or insufficient sleeping pad) seems like a camping rite of passage. If you’re looking for a more comfortable night’s sleep, however, it might be time to invest in a camping cot or air mattress. The combines both: the soft surface of an airbed with the elevated platform of a sturdy cot.

3. Cozy Sheets

Rather than zipping yourself into a restrictive sleeping bag, outfit your camp bed with sheets. (These from Eddie Bauer will help make your sleeping space feel a bit more like home.)

4. A Down Blanket

After the sheets, you’ll need a comforter. This puffy from Rumpl comes in three sizes—the largest is big enough for two people—and a variety of colors. Warm summer night? Use it for extra padding on top of your mattress.

5. A Decorative Rug

Glamping gear isn’t just about function, it’s also about aesthetic. Add a to the floor of your tent or to your outdoor common area.

6. Indoor Lighting

Hang an in the center of your tent for bright LED-lighting and ambiance. And for a more festive atmosphere, hang inside the tent too.

7. Outdoor Lighting

Add a homey touch to your campsite with these

8. A Functional Stove

This will allow you to cook just about anything you’d make at home.

9. Retro Tableware

Trade the paper plates and plastic forks for this

10. Unbreakable Wine Glasses

Instead of plastic cups (or worse) serve your fireside wine in that look just like the real thing.

11. An Appetizer Table

Start dinner with appetizers served on this

12. Campsite Decorations

Sometimes you can recognize a “glampsite” (yep, made that up) by its colorful decorations. These celebratory should do the trick.