The Amazing History Of Fire, The History Of Us

Fire is arguably the single greatest gift that mother nature has given to mankind.

Ancient humans likely came in contact with natural sources of fire frequently, and it undoubtedly lead to experimentation (See, even the ancients had fun). This experimentation led to tens of thousands of years of burnt finger-tips (Ouch!), before we learned to do something useful with it. Fire is a crucial human advantage that allowed us to thrive.

Fire Provides A Number Of Advantages:

  • Extended the day – Ability to see at night
  • Kept away predators
  • Cooking
    • Destroys harmful bacteria
    • Neutralizes toxins
    • Makes food taste better
    • Breaks down carbohydrates, which increases the amount of carbohydrates going into the body
      • Leads to an increase in brain size
  • Makes Us More Social – Groups had to gather together for both warmth, protection, and shared interests (food. drink, etc). Considered by many to best the earliest developments of human society.

Let’s face it, they probably played bags/cornhole too.

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So you see we’ve been gathering around fires for tens of thousands of years, and it has yielded numerous benefits that we can still reap. If building fires is not your forte, you should check out our guide to 10 easy DIY fires starters. They’ll help you to get the fire going quickly so you can spend more time with the family and friends you love.

We’re proud to continue that tradition and build our own history of fire with so many of you. There’s nothing like sharing campfire stories with good family and/or friends.

Hope to see you in the wild soon.