Camperville’s Gift Guide for Glampers

Top Gift Ideas for Glampers

Some people like roughing it in the outdoors. Others like the comforts of home when they’re at camp. And still others prefer luxury—even as they’re swatting at mosquitoes or being kept awake by raccoons. If you fall into the two latter categories, you might be a glamper. (Not sure what this means? Check out our post on glamping.) Even if you’re not a glamper, you might appreciate some small luxuries the next time you head to your favorite camping spot. Or, you might be looking for a gift for the luxury-minded camper in your life this holiday season. Either way, here are 20 gift ideas for glampers:



A yurt-style canvas tent has become one of the hallmarks of a true glamping experience. If the camper in your life prefers style over utility, this might be their perfect tent. White Duck Outdoors has a version that’s available in a 4, 6, or 10-person size. No matter which size you choose, expect a spacious tent. (With the weight to match. The smallest size weighs more than 70 pounds.) It’s also waterproof and comes with the option of adding a fire-retardant coating to the canvas.


Aside from the tent itself, a comfortable bed might be the biggest difference between a camping trip and glamping trip. Since bringing a bed from home isn’t an option, try the next best thing. This 3-piece queen-sized set from Coleman includes a cot with built-in side tables, an ultra-thick air mattress, and a battery-operated pump. It’s portable for camping yet it’s comfortable too.


Another bedtime accessory that makes a tent feel more like home is a bedside table. Use this easy-to-fold nightstand for a lantern, phone charger, or bedtime reading. It can also be used as a side table at the campfire.


Pendleton’s legendary blankets are synonymous with the good life outdoors. Made from high-quality wool, these blankets can be pricey but are made to last. This twin-sized version comes with its own leather carrying strap.


If a puffy, down-like blanket is more your style, consider one from Rumpl. The brand has made a name for itself with its durable, synthetic down blankets. Available in three sizes, each one is made from ripstop nylon and is machine-washable.


Bring some ambiance to the campsite by playing tunes on this outdoor-ready bluetooth speaker. This small, portable speaker is waterproof and rechargeable. (Three hours of charging will provide 15 hours of playtime.)

7. Camping Bling

Share a love of camping with outdoor-inspired charm bracelets from our own Camperville store! These adjustable bracelets are made from stainless steel and are available in 8 styles—from an Appalachian Trail version to one just for RV-lovers.

Happy Camper Stainless Steel Charm Bracelet



For a true glamping adventure, pass on the plastic plates and go for the real deal. This retro-style wicker picnic basket includes all the tableware you need for a refined outdoor meal: porcelain plates, stainless steel flatware, wine glasses, salt & pepper shakers, a corkscrew, and cloth napkins. It even includes an insulated storage bag that fits inside the basket. Cheers!


With this portable oven from Coleman, even tent campers can enjoy the taste of freshly baked meals and treats. The aluminum stove gets its heat from a traditional camp stove. Just set the oven on the stove’s burners and follow the instructions. When you’re done, the stove folds flat for easy storage.


No need to give up your daily smoothies (or nightly milkshakes) just because you’re camping. This portable, battery-powered blender is small enough to pack but tough enough for everyday blending needs. It’s also easy to recharge. Simply plug it into an external battery, car, computer, or other USB charging device.


Oven-fired pizza isn’t a typical camping meal but there’s no reason it can’t be! This portable outdoor pizza oven is gas-powered and is ready to go in just 15 minutes. It makes Neapolitan pizza in just 60 seconds and can also be used to roast meat and vegetables.


Camp chairs aren’t always made for comfort, but this one definitely is. If you miss your comfy recliner when you’re at camp, this padded chair from Guide Gear is a good substitute. It comes with pockets and is available in a campground-appropriate red plaid.


When there isn’t a floating dock in sight, bring your own! This massive inflatable lounger is big enough for the whole family and comes with a canopy to keep you cool. Use it on the lake or on the beach.


When you can’t get to your daily espresso, bring it to you! This mini espresso maker from GSI Outdoors can brew four double-shot servings in just 90 seconds. Drink it straight or add hot milk for a fireside morning latte.


Showering might not seem a like a luxury, but it can be on a camping trip. Since camp showers aren’t always available (or clean!), bring your own. This handheld shower from Ivation turns a bucket of water (or a water-filled sink) into a steady steam of water.


Camp-style cooking over the fire is fun, but to make gourmet outdoor meals, it helps to have a kitchen! This portable camp kitchen has everything you need—including the kitchen sink. It also has a food prep area, a designated surface for a camp stove, mesh shelves, utensil hooks, and a paper towel holder. And since it’s for camping, it all folds up into a compact case for storage.


This little table was made with wining and dining in mind. Made from bamboo, this collapsible table has a wine bottle holder plus holders for four wine glasses. In the center of the table, there’s enough space for cheese, crackers, or any other appetizers that make you feel fancy.


When you’re eating outdoors, a simple tablecloth can elevate a meal (and cover up dirty picnic tables). This black-and-white checked tablecloth is made from durable plastic that can be wiped clean. It’s available in four sizes and 10 patterns.


Adding a rug to an outdoor sitting area or inside a tent is an easy way to make things feel a bit more homey. This 2×3 foot rug works for both indoor and outdoor use. (If you’re the coordinating type, this rug from Nanta matches the previous tablecloth.)


Festive lighting is a glamping must. These string lights have vintage-style bulbs that are designed for outdoor use. The set comes with 30 zip-ties to help attach them wherever you want.


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