Review Of The 10 Best Tents for Camping With Dogs

Before you take your furry friend on your next camping trip, check out our comprehensive guide to the best tents for camping with dogs. If you want to bring your dog on your next camping trip, you’re in good company. A growing number of campgrounds are pet-friendly these days as more people bring their dogs on their outdoor adventures. 


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If camping with pets is a new experience for you, it might be worth taking a look at the National Park Service’s camping with pet guidelines. They’re helpful common-sense tips no matter where you plan to camp.

An obvious question that arises when camping with pets is: Where should they sleep? In most cases, the answer is with you. Having your pet in your tent with you will help keep them and other wildlife safe (think coyotes or bears), quiet, and if it’s a cool night, you’ll have free heat. Fortunately there is a wide variety of high-quality camping gear made specifically for dogs available on the market. 

Not all tents are ideal for pets, however. The best pet-friendly tents offer adequate ventilation, a tough floor that can stand up to claws, and plenty of space. (Also consider the size of the tent’s entrances in relation to the size of your dog.) Not to mention, it’s important to choose a tent that’s easy to clean when your trip’s over. Choosing the right pet approved tent is also important should you intend on leaving a dog or pet in your tent while camping for any length of time.

Here are our recommendations for the best tents for camping with dogs.

tents for camping with dogs

This spacious tent comes in 6-person or 8-person size and includes a screened-in area that doubles as a second place for your pup to sleep. Inside the tent, you can fit up to two queen-size air mattresses. At 21 pounds however, this tent is squarely in the car-camping category. (Unless you’re up for a challenge!)

The Indy is a smaller tent but it’s the perfect size for two campers and their pet. Its waterproof design includes a front vestibule so you can store gear outside your sleeping space. Bonus: The floor is made from heavy-duty, anti-fungal plastic (perfect for summer rainstorms, humidity, and wet dogs).

This 8-person tent has the distinction of being the official tent of the National Park Foundation and is highly rated on Amazon with more than 2,000 reviews. It also boasts easy set-up and hinged doors (for repeated trips to let the dog out).

When your camping crew is just two—you plus your canine companion—this ultra-lightweight backpacking tent is a perfect option. This no-frills tent has a rainfly but without it, the tent’s all-mesh construction let’s you sleep under the stars.

Another backpacking option, this tent from Kelty offers a little more room than the Marmot option. Dual doors mean you don’t have to crawl over anyone to get out, and two side vestibules provide extra storage space.

On the opposite end of the tent spectrum is this offering from Columbia. Big enough for a pack of pets, this two-room option is more cabin than tent—no complaints here! The vertical walls and ceiling height make it the most spacious option on our list. (Unlike most on our list, you can stand up in this one.)

Napier Backroadz SUV Tent

One way to expand a tent’s sleeping space—or create extra room for your furry friends—is to attach it to your vehicle. This model from Napier fits all SUVs and minivans, allowing you to access the cargo area of your vehicle from inside the tent.

This camping option pairs with an EZ-UP shelter to create a roomy cube-shaped tent with a waterproof tub-style bottom. It sleeps 5-6 people and even comes with a pet door!

For the times when your dog simply needs her own space, this kennel-sized tent will do the trick. With mesh windows, rainfly, and waterproof bottom, it’ll be your pet’s cozy home away from home.

This waterproof 2-3 person tent one of the most budget-friendly tents for camping with dogs on our list. It’s a great choice if you’re a camping newbie and don’t want to invest in a lot of equipment or if you worry about your pet ruining your gear. Not that it’d ever happen, right?