15 Best Sleeping Bags For Camping

Find the best sleeping bags for camping doesn’t have to be confusing anymore. At the end of a long day in the outdoors, it’s essential to have a decent place to sleep. If you’re a camping rookie and not sure if you’re ready to invest in gear, sheets and blankets from home will make a decent bed. But for versatility and warmth, you can’t beat a sleeping bag. Despite the dizzying number of options, it’s not all that difficult to find the best affordable sleeping bag for your needs. (And there’s a surprising number of budget-friendly sleeping bags on the market too.)

Here are the main factors you should consider to help you find your best sleeping bags for camping:


Sleeping bags come in four main shapes:

  • Rectangular (This is the classic shape. Plenty of room but not as warm.)
  • Semi-rectangular (This shape is roomy like the rectangular shape yet offers some mummy bag features for extra warmth.)
  • Mummy (This shape is more popular among backpackers or campers whose top concerns are warmth and weight. There’s not much space to move around, but this design is noticeably warmer than the others.)
  • Double bag (This is a rectangle-shaped bag that can be zipped together with another one.)

Temperature Rating

All sleeping bags are labeled with a temperature rating. This rating is based on the average sleeper, and means that the bag should keep you warm until a particular temperature. Summer bags are typically rated to 30° F and higher while winter bags are commonly rated to 15° F and lower. Keep in mind that other factors play into how warm a sleeping bag will be. For instance, using a sleeping pad rather than sleeping directly on the ground will help you stay warmer.


In most cases, sleeping bags are filled with either down or synthetic insulation. Down tends to be more lightweight, yet more expensive. While synthetic insulation is more affordable yet can’t pack down as well. (This matters only if you’re backpacking or short on space.)


Many of today’s sleeping bags come with easy-to-use stuff sacks with drawstring closures. Others roll up and are held together with straps. Consider the type of camping you’ll do to figure out if this is a priority for you. If you’re backpacking or don’t have a lot of room for gear, you’ll want a lightweight sleeping bag that packs down into a small size.

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Here are some of the best camping sleeping bags grouped by shape. For each category we’ve listed the sleeping bags from most budget-friendly to most expensive. (We’ve also included some great options for kids at the end.)

Rectangular Sleeping Bags

Semi-Rectangular Sleeping Bags

Mummy Sleeping Bags

Double Sleeping Bags

Kids’ Sleeping Bags

Making sure you are warm and comfortable at night is a major key to getting good sleep while camping, and being prepared to wake up and take on the next day’s adventure. If you follow the 4 simple guidelines above, you are guaranteed to find the best sleeping bag that will be perfect for your next camping trip, and you won’t have to break the bank to do it.

If sleeping on the ground isn’t your cup of tea, please be sure to check out our reviews of the best inflatable outdoor loungers. You may also want to consider a camping pad if you’ll be sleeping in areas where flat, relatively soft surfaces are difficult to come by.

Thank you for visiting, and we’ll see you around the campfire.