10 Best Pop Up Camping Tents You Need for Easy Camping

Our top picks of the best pop up camping tents – Pop-up tents are like the instant coffee of camping equipment. Sure, you could buy a more expensive and complex tent that takes longer to set up, but do you really need to? It all depends on what you’re hoping to get out of the experience. Read on to learn about pop-up tents and see the best pop-up tents you need for easy camping.


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First, let’s define what a pop-up tent is. All of today’s camping tents are easier to set up than their predecessors thanks to better materials and streamlined designs. But the average tent can still take several minutes or more to set up, plus it may require complicated instructions or diagrams. Not to mention, most tents require at least two people to set them up.

In contrast, pop-up tents—also called instant tents—can often be set up in less than a minute, literally popping into place once you pull them from their carrying cases. It’s easily a one-person job. If you’re wondering whether a pop-up tent is right for you, here are some questions to consider:

Where do you plan to camp?

Pop-up tents are great for beginners, backyard camping, music festivals, and for people who don’t camp that often but still want to have a reliable tent. If you plan on camping often, you may want to invest in a more durable tent that can stand up better to repeated use. But if you plan to use a tent only a couple times a year, a pop-up tent could be a good option.

When do you plan to camp?

The ideal weather conditions for camping in a pop-up tent tent to be calm summer (or fall) weather. Depending on the brand, pop-up tents aren’t always able to withstand heavy winds or rain. If you’re looking for a (non pop-up) tent for fall or winter camping, we have some ideas in our complete guide to fall camping.

How many people will sleep in the tent?

Smaller pop-up camping tents tend to be sturdier than larger ones so usually, the fewer the people, the better. That said, there are some good 4- and 6-person pop-up tents. (We’ve included a couple in our list below.)

Once you’ve figured out if a pop-up tent is right for you, here are some options:

best pop up camping tent

This aerodynamic little tent from Coleman is large enough to sleep two people and sets up in just 10 seconds. If you want to stargaze before you sleep (but want to avoid mosquitoes), the screened roof allows you to do just that. (But you can zip it closed to keep out the elements.)

Best Pop Up Camping Tent for: Summer camping

Sleeps: 1–2 people

If you want an instant tent with more room, this instant tent from Moon Lence will accommodate up to five adults. Its mesh windows make it ideal for warm weather camping but it would likely be too cool for fall temps. It’s available in three colors.

Best for: Summer camping, larger families or groups

Sleeps: Up to 5 people

Quechea makes a few different pop-up tents and this is their 2-person model. Like the Coleman pop-up tent, this has an aerodynamic shape that cuts down on wind resistance. (Making it more likely to stand up to windy conditions.) It has one large door that doubles as the tent’s only window plus a rear air vent.

Best for: Summer and fall camping

Sleeps: 1–2 people

This instant tent is probably best used as a beach cabana but it will also do in a pinch if you need a one-person camping tent. (Though it can—cozily—fit up to two people and has an entrance on either side.) It’s not only easy to set up, it also folds down into a carrying bag for easy transport and storage.

Best for: Day-use or beach camping

Sleeps: 1–2 people

This waterproof tent’s cabin-style design offers ample headroom and floor space. (It’s available in a 4- or 6-person size.) When the door on its durable rain-fly is unzipped, it can be used as a sunshade or “front porch” where you can store shoes or gear.

Best for: Summer and fall camping, larger families or groups

Sleeps: Up to 4 or 6 people

Coleman’s cabin-style tent is another roomy option that sets up in a minute or less. Its double-thick fabric, taped seams, and integrated rain-fly help this tent stand up (literally) to the elements making it a great option for both summer and fall weather. It’s available in a 4- or 6-person size.

Best for: Summer or fall camping, larger families or groups

Sleeps: Up to 4 or 6 people

Ayamaya’s dome-style tent can sleep up to four people plus it includes an internal storage space for gear—or a sleeping spot for your adventure dog. Its pre-assembled poles allow it to be set up in just seconds and its double-layer design will help keep out the rain and condensation.

Best for: Summer or fall camping

Sleeps: Up to 4 people

If you’re a beginner camper or just want a tent for backyard camping, Ubon’s pop-up tent is a simple, inexpensive option. It’s available in two sizes, three colors, and is easy to set up and take down.

Best for: Backyard camping or beginning campers

Sleeps: Up to 3 people

The set-up for this tent looks a little like a magic trick: open a bag, toss what’s inside, and—instant tent! (Of course, you’ll also have to position the tent and stake it down but that’s just an extra minute or so.) Tearing down the tent is a bit more complicated but fortunately there’s a helpful video to show how it’s done.

Best Pop Up Camping Tent for: Music festivals, backyard camping

Sleeps: Up to 4 people

Lethmik’s pop-up tent can be set up in 30 seconds and it can be taken down in the same amount of time. Its waterproof fabric and taped seams will help you stay dry and inside the tent, you’ll find a convenient storage pocket and lantern hook. This lightweight tent also comes with a handy carrying case.

Best for: Small families (up to 2 adults and 2 kids)

Sleeps: Up to 4 people