Best Outdoor Solar Lights

There are plenty of reasons why solar lights are gaining a lot of momentum as of late. They can be installed almost anywhere, from intersections and streets to paths, and are a great addition to your camping gear.

Solar lights remain on in the event of a power outage, making them very reliable. Moreover, they help reduce theft and vandalism because everything is far beyond reach.

Compared to traditional street lights, solar lights are a lot less expensive to purchase and install. Not only that, but they’re also low-maintenance and offer zero electricity cost.

Are you sold yet? If the answer is yes, then you want to stick around as we’re about to shed light on some of the best solar lights on the market. Let’s jump right into it.

Offering four bright LED spotlights and a wide range of placement options, this unit is one of the highest-rated solar lights on the market today. It will brighten up your driveway, backyard, home, and more. You can mount it on a wall or place it into the ground on a stake.

Each one of the four LED bulbs offers 50 lumens worth of brightness, providing you with a total of 200 lumens per light. The lights themselves are adjustable up to 90 degrees up or down, while the solar panel is rotatable up to 180 degrees so that you can position towards the sun.

Included in the package are spikes that will allow you to mount the light in the backyard or along your driveway. There’s also mounting screws if you want to install the lights in your home. Those lights require around 4-5 hours in the sun in order to offer 6-9 hours worth of illumination.

The URPOWER solar lights have an IP64 rating, meaning that they can hold their own very well in harsh weather conditions. They’re also waterproof so you won’t have to worry about damage. The rechargeable batteries are in-built, so they’re very well-protected as well.

The 2-in-1 LED Solar Spotlights aren’t equipped with motion sensors. You need to pick between low and high mode, then the lights will automatically illuminate from dusk to dawn. Of course, in the event of the solar-powered battery running out, the lights will be turned off.


  • They can be mounted on the wall or inserted into the ground
  • Both the spotlights and the solar panel are highly adjustable
  • They offer energy-saving options and automatic power timer
  • Durable design that can withstand harsh weather conditions


  • Their beam projection angels are a little bit too narrow
  • The panel can only pivot on one axis, which is limiting

Saying that this is the best motion-sensor solar lights on the market is a very bold statement, but the sheer number of positive reviews from satisfied consumers would assuredly enchant anyone into believing the same. This device offers plenty of illumination and it looks like a security camera.

This motion-sensor security light has a rugged aluminum construction that’s IP66-rated, ensuring its ability to withstand harsh weather conditions including rain and snow. The unit is powered by a lithium battery that can power up the battery for up to 40 hours when running on low mode.

This solar light is equipped with a pretty large solar panel that requires only 5-6 hours of sunlight in order to fully recharge this unit. With 800 lumens worth of luminous flux, this solar light is able to provide more brightness than a lot of other solar lights on the market.

The PIR sensor can detect motion up to 26 feet away. When it does, the light switches to bright mode and hits its maximum intensity, which is 800 lumens. The light will remain on bright mode for 15-20 seconds from the time the motion was captured then return to low mode once again.

As far as the installation process, it’s thoroughly detailed in the instructions manual and it’s easy to pull off without help from a professional. The base of the light can rotate 360 degrees and the solar panel itself has adjustable angles as well so that you can get a full range of lighting.


  • One of the brightest solar security lights on the market
  • Sturdy aluminum frame that can handle serious knocks
  • The PIR motion sensor has a scanning range of 26 feet
  • Both the base of the light and solar panel are adjustable


  • Doesn’t light up for very long before it’s time to recharge
  • Adjusting the angle of the panel can be quite cumbersome

The Nekteck 2-in-1 Solar Light is one of the most popular and highest-rated units on the market. It combines a perfect blend of affordability and practicality. This light already has the solar panel attached to it, so you won’t have to join them together like a lot of other units.

Both the light and solar panel are waterproof and heat-proof, so it doesn’t matter where it will be installed, it will hold its own very well. The installation process is a breeze. Simply stick the spike into the ground and you’re all set. And since it’s solar-powered, there’s no wiring and no fuss.

This unit has four LED light bulbs with a total luminous flux of 200 lumens. This is a high enough lumen output to light up your backyard, garden or pool. It’s also perfect for lighting up pathways, walkways, and driveways. We also love how aesthetically pleasing the design of this unit looks.

The shining feature that this solar light has to offer is the on/off button. Not really a mind-blowing feature but it’s highly convenient for when you don’t need to use the light during certain nights. It helps you save power from the day so that you can use it the next day.

We’ve noticed one slight disadvantage in the Nekteck Solar Light, though. It’s advertised by the manufacturer that this unit emits white light, but it seems to be more yellow upon usage. It’s not bad. In fact, it looks great, but it’s not what is advertised, so just keep that in mind.


  • The installation process is extremely easy compared to other products
  • The light unit and solar panel are both waterproof and heat-resistant
  • The unit features an on/off button and two brightness lighting modes
  • Both the solar panel and the light unit are adjustable up to 90 degrees


  • The color of the emitted light isn’t white, it’s leaning towards yellow
  • It doesn’t light up for too long before it requires more solar energy

If functionality alone doesn’t cut it for you and you’re looking for a stylish solar light that isn’t just going to accentuate your garden but also adds to its attractiveness with its elegant design, you’re going to love what the Cinoton Solar Light Path Torches have to offer.

You get 98 small LED bulbs within each light. Despite their size, these bulbs are pretty powerful and they provide a flickering effect by alternating frequencies, which actually manages to pull off a very realistic and natural dancing flames effect. Keep in mind that they emit warm yellow light.

Being a path solar light, it’s super easy to install this unit. All you need to do is stick the spike in the ground directly or put them into a light holder. In moderate heat, the lights can last from 6-8 hours and they can last around 10 hours in the summer. Less during the winter, of course.

If you buy this unit in the winter, we’d recommend letting it charge for two days before utilizing it. The construction of the light is durable and can withstand harsh conditions. Although, we’re not quite fond of the plastic hollow stakes. It’s durable plastic, but it’s still plastic.

The best thing about this solar light by far is that it comes with a 2-month money-back guarantee along with its 1-year warranty. This proves how confident the manufacturer is in the product. The pack includes 2 torches, so consider how many torches you want before making the purchase.


  • It combines great practicality with incredibly stylish aesthetics
  • The lights can remain on for a significantly long period of time
  • The installation process is simple and doesn’t take a lot of time
  • Has a 1-year warranty and 2-month money-back guarantee


  • We would have loved the hollow stakes to be made of metal
  • Don’t expect plenty brightness as it has a low lumen output

This is yet another pack of solar path lights that combines great functionality and stylishness. It includes 10 lamps that feature an industrial design that grants them great efficiency. Each lamp is rated at 4 lumens, which is quite dim, but the plastic lens creates more of a surrounding effect.

The great thing about this product is that you can easily adjust its height until you find the proper height that matches your outdoors. We’ve seen people who utilized a mix of short and tall height adjustments for aesthetic purposes and it looked pretty cool.

The lights feature sturdy matte black frames that can handle all sorts of harsh conditions. The lumen output isn’t exceptional by any means, which is why these lights function best as markers and as a means of lighting up an entire backyard or pathway.

Each light comes with its own durable stake, which makes it pretty easy for you to install them. Also, the LED bulbs have an estimated life of 30,000 hours, which is pretty lengthy. We’re also happy to tell you that this is one of the most affordable solar light packs on our list.


  • This is a highly affordable pack considering it includes 10 lights
  • The height of each unit is easily adjustable to suit its surroundings
  • The construction is pretty rugged and withstands harsh conditions


  • The lumen output doesn’t allow great illumination for large spaces
  • Despite the fact that it’s highly durable, we’re not fans of the plastic

Things to Consider Before Buying Solar Lights

Before heading out to buy some new outdoor solar lights, there are crucial factors that you must put into consideration to ensure getting the best bang for your buck.

Battery Capacity

Before making your purchase, you need to check the product’s information tab to see how long it can remain on with a full charge. This lets you know whether the light will provide illumination throughout the nighttime or not. Also, keep in mind that there are certain times of the year when the sun isn’t shining very bright.

Light Color

Solar light bulbs can emit a wide range of colors. The most common colors are soft white, warm yellow, and amber. You can also find colors such as green, blue, and red. The emitted color can either accentuate its surroundings or take away from it.


Solar lights are available in every design option you could think of. Do you want lights that have a stake design that you can stick into the ground? Or do you prefer a spotlight design with a PIR motion sensor?


This is arguably the most important factor that you should consider. The brightness of a light is measured in lumens. The more illumination you want, the higher the lumens output needs to be. You can find units that offer 5 lumens worth of brightness and others that offer up to 800 lumens.


We think it’s pretty obvious who the winner of this competition is. The takes this one by storm. It has a superior luminous flux and it’s equipped with a PIR motion sensor. Not to mention that it has a sleek security camera design that works great as a deterrent. For a more stylish option, we’d highly suggest the .