The Best Dog Boots for Hiking

Dog hiking boots might strike some people as an unnecessary fashion accessory right up there with dog bowties and hats. But the reality is, a dog’s paws—especially when the dog lives mainly indoors—are sensitive to temperature and rough terrain.

When a dog spends a lot of time indoors, their paws don’t toughen up, leaving them more susceptible to pain or injury. If you plan to take your dog hiking on a trail or out in the snow, it’s smart to protect their paws with boots or booties made especially for them.

Dog Boots – More Than Just Fashion

With dog hiking boots (as with hiking boots for humans), think function over fashion. The most important characteristic of dog boots are their fit. Sometimes, it can take a few pairs before finding the style of boot that works for your pet. Also, even once you find the right pair, it could take a while for your dog to get used to wearing them. Make sure to let your pet try out the boots for shorter periods of time (at home, indoors), before taking them on a longer outdoor adventure.

In the end, the boots you buy will depend on your individual dog’s needs, but here are our top picks:

These water-resistant boots have a rubber tread and two reflective straps for a secure fit that doesn’t restrict ankle movement. They come in four sizes and two colors.

For breathable booties that keep your pet’s paws dry in hot weather, this neoprene pair will do the job. Designed for a snug fit, it may take a little effort to put them on your pet. (If that sounds like a challenge, you can always size up.)

An all-terrain boot like this style from Ruffwear will protect your dog’s paws on the trail. With a rugged sole, breathable mesh, and trendy styling, it’s the one option on our list that could pass for a people boot!

The soft, lightweight fabric makes this boot good for the indoors, and the grippy sole and waterproof design make it good for out.

For size options, these boots from Xanday are hard to beat. Available in 8 sizes from Chihuahua to Great Dane.

Ultra Paws dog boots are so sturdy, they’re even machine-washable. This pair is good for the outdoors and for senior dogs that may struggle with traction indoors.

Sturdy fabrics and reinforced stitching make these boots a rugged choice for a trail-loving dog. Available in four colors.

These dog boots were designed especially for winter with a taller boot shaft and a cozy fleece lining.

The ergonomic design of Expawlorer’s boot is both comfortable and gives your dog’s paws the support they need.

Finnish brand Hurtta knows a thing or two about keeping dogs safe in harsh outdoor conditions. The wrap-around style makes this boot easier to put on than traditional-style boots.