Best Do It Yourself Spray In Bedliners

For a truck owner, a bed liner is a necessary feature that will both protect cargo and prevent damage to the truck itself. In the past, the most common option was a drop-in liner but today there are many high-quality spray-on options that offer a more permanent solution. (We’ll share the best spray-on bed liners below.)

In general, drop-in liners are best if you plan to sell your truck in a few years or are looking for an easy install. If you want a protective liner that stands up to water and sand that doesn’t add unnecessary weight and noise to your vehicle, a spray-on liner is the better option.

As with most vehicle upgrades, you have two main routes when it comes to installing a spray-on liner: hire a professional or do it yourself. If you want to do it yourself, you’ve come to the right place. First, here’s where you can find instructions for both the brush-on and spray-on methods. (Note: For best results, follow the specific instructions that come with your kit.)

Now let’s talk supplies. If this is your first time applying a spray-on liner, you’ll need more than just the paint itself. The following kits will provide you with all the supplies you need for your project. Once you have a kit—and a free weekend—you’ll be ready to go!

This kit from U-Pol comes with four 750-ml bottles of base coat, one 1-liter bottle of hardener, and a spray gun. If you’re looking for a different finish or texture, this liner can also be rolled on or applied with a brush. While this particular kit is black, U-Pol also offers the same kit in other colors.

Custom Coat’s kit includes the same basic supplies as U-Pol’s kit: four bottles of base coat, a hardener, and a spray gun. This kit comes in nine colors: black, white, black metallic, lime green, bright purple, bright silver, dove gray, hot rod red, and safety blue.

Al’s (a play on the product’s original name “automotive liner system”) offers a batch-kit system, meaning that the kit comes with all the components you need to create a small or large amount depending on your coverage needs. The urethane/acrylic coating can be applied in your choice of textures and colors.

LinerXtreeme’s kits includes three gallons of epoxy/urethane coating along with a spray gun for easy application. Though not as familiar as some of the big-name brands, LinerXtreeme has been in business for more than 20 years.

This is the only kit on our list that’s exclusively a brush-on product but you can’t beat its easy application. It comes with one gallon of protective coating that’s pre-mixed and ready to apply. It also includes an application brush and two foam rollers.