Top 5 Best Coleman Sleeping Bags for Camping

What’s in the best Coleman sleeping bags? While there is no shortage of sleeping bags in the market today, some brands like Coleman stand out for their quality, and longevity. The Coleman Company was founded way back in 1900, and any business that survives over 100+ years is doing something right.

It’s also worth noting that many Coleman sleeping bags are great for different purposes. So, how do you separate one Coleman sleeping bag from another?

Well, we’ve done the work for you and summarized the top 5 Coleman sleeping bags to consider for camping based on several applications, and other factors like price.


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Temperature rating: 20F

Construction: This sleeping back has a fiber lock construction, soft cotton flannel lining, cotton cover, and thermolock draft tube that retains warmth and heat.

Weight: Weighs 2.26kg or 4.98 lbs.

Dimensions: 33″ x 75″

Size: Heights up to 6 feet 4 inches tall

What we like: Great for tall adults, comfortable, durable, and portable.

What we don’t: Costly compared to competing products.

As the name suggests, the Coleman Dunnock adult sleeping bag has been designed for cold weather. It is also an adults’ sleeping bag considering it can accommodate individuals who are 6-feet, 4-inches tall.

The sleeping bag stands out for camping in cooler months or at high altitudes, given you can sleep in comfort at low temperatures (up to 20F).

In regards to construction, the Coleman Dunnock is designed to keep you warm. The insulation doesn’t shift, which reduces cold spots and boosts durability. The soft cotton flannel lining and cotton cover are bound to keep you warm in the coldest months or areas. Special design features like the Thermolock draft tube prevent sleeping bag heat loss common through zippers. Most importantly, the warmth doesn’t come at the expense of ventilation.

The Coleman Dunnock is also comfortable. The sleeping bag has ZipPlow System that prevents fabric snags. The Coleman Dunnock is also easy to transport due to its roll control design as well as a wrap and roll intergrated packing system, which makes lightweight backpacking easy. Cleaning is also easy. The Coleman Dunnock is machine washable.

Possible cons

While this sleeping bag comes highly rated, there are negative Coleman Dunnock sleeping bag reviews that touch on cost. All in all, this sleeping bag clearly offers value for money.

Temperature rating: 40F

Construction: 100% Polyester with fill 100% Polyester

Weight: 1.95kg (4.30 lbs.)

Dimensions: 33″ x 75″

What we like: Good price, incredibly comfortable, highly portable.

What we don’t: Fits campers who aren’t more than 5-feet, 11-inches in height.

The Coleman Sun Ridge stands out as a sleeping bag for warm weather. If you don’t want a Coleman sleeping bag designed to heat up and/or store heat at night, the Coleman Sun Ridge comes highly recommended.

This sleeping bag has many pros, among them being durability. The Coleman Sun Ridge features a durable polyester cover and soft tricot liner. The sleeping bag has also been designed for comfortable sleep. Instead of raising internal temperatures, the sleeping bag maintains temperatures (between 40 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit). This sleeping bag also offers snag-free unzipping and zipping. The Coleman Sun Ridge also features ComfortCuff Fabric trim specifically meant to surround a camper’s face with comfortable softness.

The sleeping bag is also portable dues to features like roll control fasteners that lock the bag securely for easy rolling when you are on the go. The Coleman Sun Ridge is also easy to clean (machine washable). The sleeping bag is also durable since it has features (fiber lock) that prevent insulation from shifting.

Possible cons

The Coleman Sun Ridge sleeping bag reviews are overwhelmingly positive, although there are some people who feel the sleeping bag is small.

Construction: Made using 100% polyester fill and outer material. Zipper closure.

Weight: Lightweight sleeping bag attributed to a superior design (hollow polyester insulation)

Dimensions: 33″ x 75″

What we like: Great for cold weather, durable, reasonably priced, 5-year warranty.

What we don’t: Not ideal for tall campers (above 5-feet, 11-inches).

If you are searching for a Coleman sleeping bag specifically for cold weather, look no further. The Coleman Brazos has been designed for cold weather applications. The sleeping bag can handle very low temperatures (up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit).

This sleeping bag is also highly durable due to design features that stop the insulation from shifting. The Coleman Brazos has also been designed using stain-resistant polyester that reduces the need for constant cleaning, which is known to reduce sleeping bag durability.

The sleeping bag is also highly portable. You don’t need to tie the bag up to pack, transport, and store it perfectly. The Coleman Brazos is also comfortable. Features like ComfortSmart generate and maintain temperature. The sleeping bag also has a comfort cuff (a lining that surrounds your face offering comfortable softness). There is no concern about rolling in this sleeping bag thanks to the roll control feature and ZipPlow that prevents zipper snagging.


While this sleeping bag comes highly recommendable, it isn’t ideal for tall campers above 5-feet, 11-inches). Also, the temperature rating is missing.

Temperature rating: To 14 degrees

Construction: This sleeping bag is made of 100% cotton and filled with 100% cotton. It has a canvas outer material.

Weight: 2.8kg (or 6.1 lbs.)

Dimensions: 40″ x 85″

Size: Heights up to 6 feet 7 inches tall

What we like: Superior quality/construction (100% cotton), comfortable in extreme cold, portable

What we don’t: Expensive.

If you want a Coleman sleeping bag that will fit a tall person comfortably, The Coleman Big-Game comes highly recommended. However, you need to reach deeper into your pocket to buy this sleeping bag.

All in all, there are many reasons to buy this sleeping bag apart from the fact that it will accommodate a persons who is 6-feet, 7-inches tall comfortably. Besides height advantages, this sleeping bag is also incredibly comfortable. The sleeping bag remains comfortable even in below-freezing temperatures. The Coleman Big Game has been designed to keep campers warm in incredibly low temperatures (Zero degrees Fahrenheit).

The sleeping bag has many comfort features, among the being a cotton flannel liner that is cozy and retains heat throughout the body. The bag also has a thermolock draft tube that prevents heat loss through the ziper. Other notable comfort features include ComfortCuff, which surrounds the face with warm and soft fabric. The ZipPlow zipper system also prevents frustrating snugs.

The Coleman Big Game is also durable thanks to its fiberlock construction that reduces cold spots and stops insulation from shifting. This sleeping bag is highly portable due to its easy-to-roll and pack design. The Coleman Big Game sleeping bag also stands out for maintenance. You can machine-wash this sleeping bag with ease.


At $76.00, this sleeping bag is costly to many, but it’s clear what you are paying for.

Temperature rating: 50F

Construction: Double-batt, offset quilt construction with zipper closure.

Weight: 1.1kg (or 2.43 lbs )

Dimensions: 60″ x 26″

What we like: Made for kids (can be used by adults up to 5-feet tall), comfortable, universal usage regardless of outdoor temperature, portable, and is one of the best overall Coleman sleeping bags for kids

What we don’t: Short warranty. Should have a 1-year+ warranty.

The Coleman Kids sleeping bag is arguably the best sleeping bag for kids out there today. While kids can use adult sleeping bags, they aren’t as comfortable and fun. This sleeping bag is comfortable anytime. Kids can sleep outside even if the outdoor temperature is 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

The sleeping bag is very comfortable due to special features like a Thermolock draft tube and ThermoTech insulation that retains body heat. The Coleman Kids sleeping bag also has a comfort cuff design that provides a soft fabric around the face when sleeping. Other comfort features include a ZipPlow zipper that offers snag-free opening/closing.

The Coleman Kids sleeping bag also stands out for a kid-friendly design. This sleeping bag glows in the dark, making it fun for camping with kids as well as outdoor fun at home. The bag can also fit many fun things for kids, such as a flashlight and gloves in its interior tuck pocket. As a result, the Coleman Kids bag isn’t just a kids sleeping bag for camping but a good accessory as well.

The Coleman Kids sleeping bag is also highly portable. The Roll Control System makes it easy to roll the bag and stuff sack in seconds.


This sleeping bag stands out among many sleeping bags for kids. However, the short warranty doesn’t inspire confidence. Some reviews indicate the need for a longer warranty given the price. Considering you may need to buy another sleeping bag for your child when they grow up, the price should be fairly low or backed by a lengthy warranty.