6 Best Camping Griddles Perfect for Camping Breakfasts (and More)

Grills and campfires are popular cooking methods for campers, but there’s another easy way to cook outdoors: portable camping griddles. A griddle is a large flat surface that’s heated and used for cooking. They’re typically made from metal (often with a nonstick coating) or from cast iron.


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Although it can be used for any meal, a griddle is an ideal method for cooking up the perfect camp breakfast. Instead of using several pots and pans, cook eggs, bacon, pancakes—and any other breakfast food—on the same surface. And if your griddle is large enough, you can even cook everything at the same time.

There are two types of griddles that can be used for camping: all-in-one griddles and griddle pans. Read on to learn the difference between the two and our recommendations for each.

All-in-One Camping Griddles

An all-in-one griddle is a single appliance that combines a griddle cooktop with a heat source. (Think of it as a camp stove that has an integrated griddle pan on top instead of open burners.) Most all-in-one griddles are heated by gas burners and need to be hooked up to a propane tank, which is purchased separately.

With its compact size and easy clean-up, this tabletop griddle from Blackstone is perfect for camping and tailgating. At 17 inches long, the cooking surface is big enough to make pancakes for the whole family—or burgers for dinner. An integrated tray catches cooking grease and rubber legs help the griddle stay stable no matter where you use it (including campsite picnic tables). The griddle can be fueled by a standard 1-lb propane bottle or hooked up to a 20-lb propane tank.


  • Compact size. It’s large enough to cook for a group but small enough to fit in a car’s trunk.
  • Easy to use. There’s a built-in igniter, and the heat can be controlled by a single knob.


  • Weight. At 36 lbs, it’s much heavier than a standard camp stove.
  • Fewer cooking options. Everything must be cooked at the same temperature.

This griddle from Country Smokers can be set up wherever you need it—no tabletop required. The sturdy metal legs can be folded down when not in use, making it easy to pack and transport. The griddle itself is made from pre-seasoned steel and is large enough to make meals for a group. It also has two independent burners with high and low settings, which makes it possible to cook different foods at different temperatures depending on where they are on the griddle.


  • More cooking options. With two independent burners heating the griddle, you can cook different foods at different temperatures.
  • Versatility. Its freestanding design means you can set up this griddle nearly anywhere.


  • Uneven heating. Due to the placement of the burners, the front section of the griddle doesn’t appear to cook as well.
  • No storage or hooks. There aren’t any places to set or hang cooking utensils.

If you’re looking for the versatility of a two-burner griddle in a compact tabletop design, Cuisinart’s Gourmet Gas Camping Griddle fits the bill. Its steel cooktop is large enough to cook for a group, and like the County Smokers’ griddle, it’s heated by two independent burners so you can cook at different temperatures. (Each burner lights easily with a built-in twist igniter and is controlled by a simple dial.) This griddle comes with a built-in hose that can be attached to a 20-lb propane tank.


  • More cooking options and control. Two independent burners give you the freedom to cook at different temperatures.
  • Size. It’s compact yet has a cooking surface that’s big enough to prepare a family-sized meal.


  • Weight. Like other other gas-powered griddles, Cuisinart’s griddle (at 30 lbs) weighs a lot more than standard camp stoves.
  • Fuel costs. This model appears to use propane pretty quickly.

Griddle Pans

A griddle pan is a great cooking option if you already have a camp stove or prefer to cook over the fire. It’s easy to clean and reduces the number of pans you’ll need to get dinner on the table.

Bayou Classic Camp Griddle

With adjustable (and removable) legs, this campfire griddle from Bayou Classic gives you the option of cooking over a fire or over the Bayou Classic outdoor patio stove. The circular cooking surface provides plenty of space to cook a big meal and its cast iron construction ensures even heating.


  • Versatility. Use it with a campfire or with a gas burner (sold separately).
  • Material. Cast iron is an ideal cooking surface.


  • Weight. Like Lodge’s griddle pan, this is cast iron so it’s fairly heavy.
  • Shape. The griddle bows slightly in the middle rather than being completely flat.

Coleman’s a brand that often produces reliable, budget-friendly basics and this griddle pan is no exception. It’s made from nonstick steel with an angled edge to prevent spills and has a pair of handles so you can easily take it from stove to table. At 19 inches long and 10 inches wide, it fits perfectly on Coleman’s two-burner camp stove (and other similarly sized two-burner camp stoves).


  • Lightweight. Together, this 1-lb griddle pan and Coleman’s camp stove weigh only 11 pounds, about a third of the weight of an all-in-one griddle.
  • Easy to use. Just place it on a camp stove when it’s time to cook.


  • No grease tray. Cooking grease pools in the griddle rather than draining away.
  • Lightweight material. Steel is not as heavy-duty as cast iron.

Lodge has made a name for itself in cast iron cooking equipment. And just like the company’s popular Dutch ovens, this cast iron griddle is made for indoor and outdoor cooking. (Thanks to its rugged design and material, it can even be placed directly over a campfire or hot coals.) This griddle is reversible too: it has a flat and smooth griddle side and a ribbed grilling side.


  • Even heating. Cast iron is a great material for cooking and will provide even heat across the cooking surface.
  • Heavy duty. It’s built to last and easy to handle.


  • Weight. Cast iron is a better yet heavier material than steel or aluminum.
  • No grease tray. Cooking grease pools in the griddle with no way to drain it.