Stay Cool While Camping With These 9 Amazing Camping Fans

In most parts of the U.S., summer is the best time to go camping, but it can also be uncomfortably hot—especially when you’re trying to sleep at night. A simple solution is a portable fan. No matter if you camp in an RV, a tent, or just need a way to cool off at your campsite, here are 9 amazing camping fans for you summer adventures.

Best Camping Fans For RVs

Even if you don’t have air-conditioning, a roof fan is usually a standard feature on RVs. Most of the time, these fans are designed to facilitate airflow and prevent the interior air from becoming stagnant and stale. As a result, these fans can lower the temp inside an RV by keeping the air moving throughout the camper.

On especially hot days however, it helps to have a separate freestanding fan (or fans) you can use inside your RV. They’ll move more air and can be placed anywhere you need them. The following portable fans require an electrical outlet and they work especially well in RVs.

Vornado might just be the Airstream of portable fans. Their new fan models look like the brand’s iconic fans from the 1940s and 50s but they’re made with updated technology. With its sleek shape and retro look, the will not only will help you stay cool, it does double-duty as a stylish accessory for your camper. It has two speeds, sturdy metal construction, and an adjustable head so you can direct its airflow wherever you want.

When a fan will stay safely in your camper (and away from the elements), it’s okay to choose style over durability. If Vornado’s VFAN doesn’t fit your budget, this is half the price but still has a retro look. Its metal construction comes in a brushed copper finish, and it has an adjustable head, two speed settings, and a carrying handle.

The from Honeywell is a compact but powerful fan that creates a breeze that can be felt up to 25 feet away! With its simple design and integrated stand, it can be placed on a tabletop, floor, or wherever you need a refreshing breeze. And unlike most fans, it’s quiet—perfect for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Best Camping Fans For Tents

Despite their thin walls and ventilation features, tents can often be too warm on summer nights. They tend to absorb heat during the day and their mesh windows don’t always allow for adequate airflow or a refreshing breeze. (That’s why it’s a good idea to set up your tent in the shade if possible.) Fortunately, there are many portable fans that are perfect for tents. Each of the following can be freestanding or hang from a tent’s ceiling. Plus, they’re powered by rechargeable batteries so you don’t need to be near an electrical outlet.

If you’ve ever wished your tent came with a ceiling fan, is the next best thing. It combines an overhead LED light with a lightweight fan, and it can be attached to a tent ceiling using a powerful magnet. (Which comes in handy if your tent’s design doesn’t have a place for you to hang a hook.) With soft foam blades, this fan is also safe to have around small children. (And speaking of young campers, the light can be dimmed to nightlight mode or be turned off when the fan is in use but you’re ready to go to sleep.)

Another innovative tent fan is this . Unlike the Coleman fan which uses a magnet, OUTXE’s fan comes with both a powerful clip and a hanging hook. It also comes with a ring-style LED light, four speed settings, and a rechargeable battery that can be powered up a power bank, laptop, or solar charger. And at 1.3 lbs, it’s also the most lightweight tent fan on our list.

The last tent fan on our list is another rechargeable LED lantern/fan combo. Unlike the other two options, has three brightness settings ranging from nightlight to full brightness. It has a hook for hanging from a tent ceiling, and it has an integrated stand that allows it to be placed on the floor.

best tent fan for camping

Best Camping Fans For the Campsite

Setting up a fan or two at your campsite will not only cool you off, it’ll keep pesky flies and mosquitoes away. Here are some battery-powered fans that work well outdoors.

Coleman OneSource is a line of camping gadgets (fan, lantern, air pump, etc.) that all use the same rechargeable battery. The is a small versatile fan with a collapsible tripod stand and a hook for easy hanging. Its sturdy plastic construction is also water-resistant, making it ideal for outdoor use. The fan has two speeds: It can run for 6 hours on high, or up to 15 hours on low! The included OneSource battery also has USB input and output so it can be used to charge other devices like phones and tablets.

OPOLAR’s comes with a built-in hook and tripod stand, but unlike Coleman’s model, the tripod legs are flexible. This means the fan can be set up nearly anywhere including a picnic table, tent ceiling, even a tree branch. (Its versatile design also makes it a great option for hammock campers.) The fan has three speed settings, and its adjustable head can rotate 360º. Like some other options on our list, the OPOLAR fan is powered by an internal rechargeable battery.

If you’re looking for a camping fan that’s easy to store, consider . At 10 inches across, it’s one of the larger portable fans on our list but folds down flat for easy storage and has a carrying handle. Its adjustable base means that you can direct the airflow in 180º so you can set it up on a tabletop or on the ground. It can run on six D-cell batteries or be plugged in using the included AC adapter.

If you need more ways to stay cool on hot summer days, check out these 10 ideas. And once the seasons change and you’re looking for ways to stay warm, check out our post on the top tent heaters for winter camping!