Best Baitcasting Rods

If you’ve been fishing for a while or have your sights set on a bigger catch, it might be time to consider a baitcasting rod. While spinning rods are a great introduction to the sport, casting rods offer some advantages—once you get the technique down.

From a design standpoint, casting rods are opposite from spinning rods meaning that both the reel and line guides are on top of the rod. Having the line guides on top means they face upwards when a fish pulls down on the line. Since the tension is being pulled toward the rod rather than against the guides, line guides are less likely to break on a casting rod.

In the market for a baitcasting rod? Here are some of the top models:

Entsport’s Camo Legend model is ideal for bass fishing. This carbon fiber rod is both lightweight and strong and ceramic inserts allow for smooth casts.

In the past, two-piece rods had something of a bad rap. Rest assured, rod design has come a long way since then with some anglers admitting that they often can’t tell the difference between the two. Shimano’s FX Casting Rod is a two-piece model but is prized for its versatility and flexibility.

This rod from UglyStik offers an array of options with five different lengths and both one and two-piece designs. Whichever you choose, you’ll be getting a modern-looking rod that’s made from a durable combination of graphite and fiberglass.

If bass if what you’re after, this might be the fishing rod for you. KastKing’s Royale Legend model is a rod designed for both power and sensitivity.

If you’re looking for a more lightweight rod, UglyStik’s Elite model offers 35% more graphite than the GX2 (cutting down on the rod’s weight) while not compromising performance.

As the name suggests, this rod is constructed from cherry wood resulting in a lightweight yet durable rod that can handle larger fish.

This graphite model is distinguished by a split-grip handle made from high density EVA that provides a reliable grip and leverage.

KastKing’s Perigee II model is a high-performance rod made from carbon fiber and high-density EVA grips. It comes with two rod tips—medium and medium heavy or medium with medium light.

If you want options, KastKing’s Speed Demon series offers plenty with 11 baitcasting models of varying actions and lengths.