5 Adorable Amazon Cabin Kits You Can Buy Online

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning your own cabin, it might be easier than you think. (And it might not require lakefront property in the pines.) Did you know you can now buy Amazon cabin kits online? The tiny house movement has been in full swing for years with people ditching their mortgages for a homes that look like playhouses. With some summer vacation plans on hold, it might be time for a tiny cabin movement.

It’s easy to see the appeal of tiny houses: simplified living spaces, lower energy costs, and a lot of room for creativity. From shipping container homes to built-from-scratch A-frames, tiny houses offer a lot of customization options. They can be built on wheels and towed like a camper. Or they can be constructed on a permanent foundation. If you’re curious about tiny-house living but aren’t quite ready to downsize that much, why not try the trend with a tiny cabin instead? You can build it on its own lot, or as backyard getaway.

Here are some steps to take if you’d like to build a tiny cabin on your property:

  1. Check the local zoning and building requirements. If you plan to build the cabin in your own yard (or on another property that already has a single-family home), you’ll probably have an easier time. In situations like these, tiny cabins are considered to be Accessory Dwelling Units (ACUs). If you’d like to build the cabin on other property that’s not your primary residence, it’s also best to check local regulations. In response to the tiny house trend, some cities have changed or relaxed their rules regarding these types of residences so it may be easier to get approval than you’d think.
  2. Buy a floor plan for your cabin and all the necessary materials. Or, buy an all-in-one cabin kit! These days, you can buy nearly everything online—including cabins. We’re sharing five of our favorites below! (If you’d like to simply buy the floor plan, we’re sharing some of those too.)
  3. Get a building permit. Again, this depends on where you live and the project you’re doing, but it’s always a good idea to check with the local building permit office before starting construction.

Alwood is a U.S.-based wood products company that sells items like millwork, decking, and prefab cabin kits through Amazon and their own website. Most of their cabin kits are made from Nordic spruce and include most of the materials and tools you’ll need including windows and doors. The smaller cabins can be constructed in just 1-2 days with two adults. For the larger two-story cabins, Allwood recommends that you hire a building crew to do the work because of the complexity and added safety concerns.

It’s worth nothing that none of the kits listed below include plumbing, electricity, or items like sinks, toilets, and tubs. Those are all things that should be purchased and installed separately. That said, these Amazon cabin kits will get you well on your way to building a backyard tiny house getaway.

Here are 5 adorable cabins you can buy on Amazon:

There are tiny houses and then there are teeny tiny houses. This one definitely falls into the latter category. Alwood’s Solvalla garden house covers 172 square feet but just 86 square feet are indoors. Despite its small size, the garden house has a clean and contemporary look with floor-to-ceiling windows and an elegant outdoor seating area.

If your cabin style leans more towards Frank Lloyd Wright rather than north woods, this one might be for you. It’s the perfect set-up for an outdoor guest room or office. The Amazon cabin kits include most of the tools and materials you’ll need except for roofing shingles, paint (the wood is unfinished), and the foundation. (And bonus: Because of the structure’s small size, it’s possible you won’t need a building permit.)

Allwood’s Eagle Vista cabin has the look of a contemporary farmhouse rather than a traditional cabin but it’s a great option for anyone looking to build on their lake property. At more than 1,300 square feet, this two-story cabin offers plenty of space for a small family.

There are five (small) bedrooms, two bathrooms, plus a small kitchen and living room. If you live in a colder climate, Allwood also has an option to buy extra wall and roof insulation. Hey, it beats winter camping in the cold, unless of course you’re into that kind of thing. Like Allwood’s other models, roofing materials and foundation materials are not included. (And since this is one of the larger models, the company recommends that you hire a building crew to do the construction.)

This cabin is a slightly smaller version of the Eagle Vista model at 1,108 square feet. Yet it’s still a good sized cabin for a small family with three bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, and living area. It also has a covered front porch that’s large enough to fit a small table and chairs for outdoor dining. Like Allwood’s other models, there are some possibilities for floor plan customization. Rooms, windows, and doors can all be added, removed, or changed.

This is a compact and cozy cabin with one major design flaw: the bathroom is only accessible via an outside door. If you can fix that during construction, the rest of the cabin has a simple and spacious layout. (And you can, since Allwood’s plans are customizable.) It’s just 540 square feet but includes two bedrooms, kitchen, living room, and bathroom. Plus there’s a small loft (for extra guests or storage) and a partially covered porch for alfresco meals. Allwood also claims that this particular model is energy-efficient with extra thick planks and triple-thick glass windows.

Like the Solvalla garden house, Allwood’s Claudia is best used as an office, pool house, or guest room. At just 209 square feet, this cottage-style house is an ideal addition to a backyard. Its double-glazed windows let in a lot of natural light and its peaked roof gives it a more spacious feel. (Plus, you can make the roof taller—and create more headroom—by adding more wall planks. Each wall plank provides an additional 4.5 inches of height.) The Claudia’s new 2020 model has been upgraded with a stronger roof.

If you prefer to choose your own materials and have more creative freedom, here are some cabin floor plans you might want to check out: