20 AWESOME Stocking Stuffers for the Camper in Your Life

Looking for some gift ideas for an outdoor-loving friend or relative? Not all camping gear is big and expensive. Sometimes it’s the little things that can bring the most fun (or help) during an outdoor adventure. Here are 20 stocking stuffer ideas for the camper in your life—or your own wishlist!


These mini binoculars are small enough to fit in your hand and durable enough to toss in a backpack. Great for wildlife watching wherever your adventures take you.


This model by Victronix is the classic Swiss Army knife. Perfect for the wannabe Scout in your life or anyone who’s nostalgic for camping in the “old days.”


A set of space-saving cups are a helpful addition to any camp kitchen. This BPA-free set includes 5 cups (with lids) that collapse to an ultra-thin size.


When it comes to camping, bringing a bulky standard pillow from home isn’t always the best option. Save on space without sacrificing comfort with this inflatable travel-sized camping pillow.

Inflatable Camping Pillow

5. Stemless Wine Cup

Enjoy wine by the fire in this spill-resistant cup from our own Camperville store. This double-walled insulated mug comes in a rainbow of colors and is topped with a sturdy plastic lid.


This National Park-themed version of the classic dice game is perfect for playing at camp or when you’re at home dreaming of your next outdoor adventure.


This card game has nothing to do with camping but it’s easy-to-play with no set-up or extra pieces to lose. Plus it’s easy enough for kids to enjoy too.

8.  Camp Kitchen Knife Set

With this GSI Outdoors knife set from our Camperville store, you’ll have all you need to slice and dice in your camp kitchen. Our set includes a santoku knife, paring knife, serrated knife, cutting board, soap bottle, and dish cloth.

camping kitchen knife set


Socks might be a cliche gift, but for cold-weather campers, you can never have too many. This festive pair from SmartWool has a seasonal snowflake pattern.

10. Collapsible Coffee Maker

Another pick from our Camperville store is this pour-over coffee maker from GSI Outdoors. This collapsible design can brew up to 12 ups of coffee and uses standard cone filters.

GSI Outdoors Blue JavePress Coffee Filter


Refrigerators have interior lights so why not coolers? This peel-and-stick light will help you see inside your cooler and automatically shuts off after 20 seconds.


Here’s a practical gift that’s great for any camper. This set includes a watertight case, waterproof matches, and strikers. The matches are guaranteed to light even after being submerged in water!


When it comes to roasting marshmallows or hot dogs on the fire, of course you could go the natural route and grab a stick from the woods. But this set of roasting sticks have the advantage of being clean, long enough to reach the fire, and collapsible so they’re easy to pack. Plus? No splinters in your s’mores!


Nalgene has perfected the durable, portable (and inexpensive) water bottle. This newer model has a slimmer design but still can hold 30 ounces of water. The design of the cap makes it easy to carry or attach to a carabiner.


Another inexpensive but useful gift is a pack of hand warmers. These classic hand warmers come in multipacks and various sizes. Great for camping, hiking, and any other winter activity.


Rips and tears are an unfortunate part of using outdoor gear. But with these durable peel-and-stick fabric patches, it’s easy to make a quick repair to a jacket, tent, or sleeping bag. Plus, they can stand up to the washing machine.


Combining a carabiner with a folding hook, the HeroClip allows you to hang items nearly anywhere. Perfect for those times when you need to keep camping gear off the ground or tent floor.


This compact keychain lighter insures you’ll always have a way to start a campfire—and have one less thing to pack.


This paracord survival kit has nearly everything you’d need in a survival situation. It’s great to have on any outdoor adventure—or stow it in your car’s trunk for winter road trips!


Each of these utensils is actually 3-in-1: a spoon, fork, and a serrated edge for cutting. This set includes 8 utensils, a bottle opener, and a handy carrying case.