10 Best Glamping Tents For Rest and Relaxation in Comfort

Camping in a glamorous style sounds improbable and difficult to achieve. Being outdoors is usually associated with roughing it up, insect bites, tight sleeping arrangements, and no coffee.

That’s not even the whole deal, there’s always the harshness of the weather, and that too is part of the camping experience.

This is not the case anymore. These glamping tents are designed with luxury and comfort in mind, so now you can enjoy nature without the bug bites or hard nights.

Our Top Picks

These are the top of the crop when it comes to the best glamping tents, but they are varied in terms of size, material, and ease of installation.

Northwest Enterprises 10-Person Family Cabin Tent

This glamping tent is a home away from home. It’s styled like a wood cabin but stays close to nature the way all good tents do.

It has ample space for a large family, with a floor space of 20’x10’, and a peak height of 7.2’. It can be further divided into two rooms plus a living area.

There’s also a wide front porch, where you can share a beverage with the family, tell scary stories, and enjoy the view.

Things We Like

  • Cabin-like design
  • Full mesh roof offers a nice view and good ventilation
  • The room divider offers 2 closed rooms
  • Plenty of storage with hanging shelves and wall organizers
  • Convenient rear-door in addition to the front door
  • Large screened porch with detachable floor
  • Color-coded poles for easier installation
  • Good price for value

Things We Don’t

  • The seams tend to leak a little in heavy rains

Dream House Glamping Cotton Canvas Yurt Bell Tent

It has an authentic tent shape, material, and structure, so it gives a traditional camping vibe, but it doesn’t fall short in the comfort department.

It comes in several shapes, the largest is 19.7’ across, with a central height of 137.8”. This fits three air beds easy and plenty of seating space.

Things We Like

  • It’s made from cotton canvas fabric
  • It has a 3000 mm PU coating for waterproofing
  • Withstands tough weather conditions
  • There’s a stove hole in the sidewall

Things We Don’t

  • It might leak the first time it gets wet, that’s normal
  • The cotton fabric might shrink
  • Needs a bit more maintenance and regular cleaning


CORE 9-Person Extended Dome Tent

This is a beautifully designed glamping tent, wide enough for a big family or a large group. It can also be suitable for a smaller group with plenty of luggage. No need to cut back in these trips!

It has a 16’x9’ floor plan with a 72” center height, so it’s spacious. It weighs about 18 lb when packed, which is not too heavy, thanks to the lightweight fiberglass poles and polyester.

Things We Like

  • Spacious
  • Removable rainfly
  • Easy to set up
  • Holds up against heavy rain and wind

Things We Don’t

  • The storage bag is a bit small

Oileus Pop up Tents

The Oileus doesn’t need any setting up at all! You just open the package, unstrap the tent, then throw it in the air, and watch it take shape. Lovely if you’re not into tinkering.

It’s aesthetically pleasing and very functional. The efficient ventilation is another great feature, but the bugs are still kept away. Thanks to the mesh fabric covering everything.

It’s 114” x78” at the base, with a 51” ceiling, which is a great set up for spontaneous traveling over a weekend.

Things We Like

  • Easy to install and uninstall
  • Extra-large side and sky windows
  • Good price

Things We Don’t

  • Water-resistant but not waterproof
  • Not recommended for extreme weather

ALPHA CAMP 6-Person Cabin Tent

This is a large glamping tent, with plenty of bells and whistles, it’s designed for luxury and easy traveling.

It has a 17’x9’ floor space, and it’s 80” at the center, so it can accommodate a medium-sized group with plenty of personal space.

Things We Like

  • Stands tough weather
  • Large panoramic views from the sides and top
  • Eco-friendly silver coating for UV-protection
  • Porch-like front area with awning and screen
  • Budget-friendly price

Things We Don’t

  • It weighs 32 lbs so it’s a bit heavy


CORE 12-Person Instant Cabin Tent

This tent is functional, easy to set up, it has well-organized spaces, and it’s aesthetically pleasing.

It’s extra-wide, with a floor area of 18’x10’, and a center height of 80”. This easily sleeps 12 people, and it fits 3 air beds.

It can be set up in under 2 minutes, as the poles are pre-attached to the tent. This makes it a perfect choice for cross-country trips and extended vacations.

Things We Like

  • Quick setup
  • Good ventilation
  • Removable rainfly
  • Panoramic mesh ceiling
  • Room divider splits the tent into 3 rooms
  • Multiple living and sleeping areas
  • Electricity cord access

Things We Don’t

  • Not very suitable for windy days


Wenzel 8-Person Klondike Tent

Wenzel has been in the business of making camping gear since 1887, and they consider it their mission to help more people experience the outdoors, by providing them with quality, functional, and affordable equipment.

The Wenzel Klondike is roomy with an 11’x16’ tent floor and a 9’x6’ screen room. The peak height is about 78”. It can easily house 8 persons plus luggage.

Things We Like

  • Full mesh roof and windows
  • Entry space is fully screened
  • The porch can be used as an extra room
  • Weather-proof material
  • Tub bottom-floor for moisture protection
  • Removable rainfly
  • Budget-friendly
  • 10-year warranty

Things We Don’t

  • Takes about 20 min to set up
  • Might need more than one person to install it

TOMOUNT 8-Person Tent

This is a tough tent, designed to keep away the harshness of the elements. It’s good all year round as it can stand the rain, wind, and harsh sun.

It’s spacious and gives a large family plenty of room. It’s also easy to install and carry around. This makes it a perfect solution for almost all kinds of camping trips.

Things We Like

  • Thick tarp for effective water-proofing
  • Windproof frame
  • UV protection coating
  • Light-weight and portable
  • Easy to install in under 10 min
  • It has large mesh-covered openings for optimal ventilation

Things We Don’t

  • Doesn’t have a porch
  • The poles are a bit flimsy


QOMOTOP Cabin Tent

This compact glamping tent is great for a couple getting away on weekends, or spending some quality time in nature.

It’s spacious for its class with an interior measuring 8’x8’, and a central height of 4’11”. This gives plenty of room for moving around and sleeping comfortably.

The best feature of this tent is its easy installation. That alone adds a lot of enjoyment to any trip. It’s fewer chores and more fun.

Things We Like

  • Instant 60 second set up
  • Could fit a queen-sized air bed plus other gear
  • Efficient air circulation system
  • Waterproof cover and reinforced seams
  • Color coding for fly positioning
  • Internal storage spaces

Things We Don’t

  • Tent ceiling is too low, so adults crawl in and out of it


Coleman 8-Person Tent for Camping – Montana Tent

This tent is designed along the lines of traditional scouting trips, where one wide tent houses a group of scouts. Shared spaces usually help people with bonding and cooperating.

The intersecting domes are more than visually pleasing structures, they actually enhance air movement and ventilation.

Things We Like

  • Reverse angle windows could remain open during the rain
  • Door awnings for extra weather-proofing
  • E-port for external power cord access
  • Premium quality polyester fly
  • Sturdy and moisture-proof polyethylene floor

Things We Don’t

  • Few users claimed that the seams could wear off after a while and start leaking


Things to Look for in a Glamping Tent

Tents are supposed to stay with us for years, we normally shop for them once, and then they stay in the family.

Before you buy one, make sure that it’s what you need. Think about the group you usually socialize with and the places where you camp, that should put you on the right track.

Here are other features you’d want to have in your new tent.

Usable Size

Tents usually give the floor dimensions, but you need to see how this space is organized.

Sometimes a big tent has so much wasted space in corners, a porch, circular perimeters, and doors.

The opposite is also true, an awning over the entrance gives extra space. Some models had an adaptable entrance porch that could be converted to an extra room.

Premium Quality Materials

The material of the tent is the only thing standing between you and the elements. Nature usually sends harsh sunlight, hot weather, heavy rain, snow, or gushing wind.

This shouldn’t spoil your vacation. Just choose a sturdy weatherproof tent.

There are two basic materials tent manufacturers use: cotton canvas and plastic. There are other hybrids and added coatings, mostly enhancing the weather-proof properties of the material.

Cotton canvas is considered the higher quality option, but it needs a water-resistant coating, and it tends to shrink and leak the first time it gets wet. After that, the fabric becomes closed off, and it shows much better performance during the rain.

Cotton also needs more maintenance and regular cleaning to stay in good shape. This is not the case with plastic coverings, which are usually easy to maintain. Their qualities vary significantly, so you need to know the properties of the tent material in detail.


Glamping is all about style and luxury, so being visually pleasing is not the cherry on the cake, it’s the main ingredient that makes all the difference.

These tents usually have them in addition to the basic color variations we usually see. Some tents go for a modernistic look, others go to the other direction with a historic vibe.

They could be designed after a cabin, a mansion, a hemisphere, or any other concept. The important thing is to choose a look that’s meaningful to you.

Ease of Installation

This is one of the most important features in a glamping tent. Travelling and chores isn’t a very nice combo, that’s why instant tents are hugely popular.

A tent that needs more than half an hour to set up, and that has to be erected by more than one person, is not a very good tent, in my opinion.

The parts and tools required for setting up the tent should all be included in the package. Having to stop working on the tent because a screw is missing, is not cool.

The Extras

Some of the options that come with the tent are absolutely necessary, like the removable tarp, and expandable entrance room.

Some are really good to have, like hanging shelves, storage spaces, e-port, and mesh fabric everywhere.

Other extras look nice, but they might not be important to you at all, such as the dedicated pet entrance, when you don’t own a pet.

Bells and whistles are essential in this luxury line.

Lotus Belle Tent - Best Glamping Tents

To Wrap it All Up

I’ve always loved being out in nature, but usually, I went for days on end without sleep because of the bug bites. If you’ve camped outdoors recently you’d know what I mean.

It almost put me off camping until I realized that I could have it all. Many tents are lovely and special, but each one has a drawback.

I believe that the is a great tent, with a visually pleasing style, a lot of functionality, and ample modifiable space to fit the whole family in comfort and joy.

Another option is the . It’s so easy to set up that you don’t even lay a finger in that process. You just unwrap it, untie it, and watch it as it takes shape.

I hope that our list of the 10 best glamping tents was helpful. All you have to do now is to pick the right one and enjoy nature in luxury and style.