Our Review Of The 10 Best Beach Shades & Canopies

Nothing’s better than the summer sun—unless you’re trying to protect your skin or stay cool. But when you’re at the beach, family picnic, and campsite, shade is often in short supply. Rather than haul a heavy—and inefficient—beach umbrella on your next summer trip, consider a sunshade. We’ll help you find the best beach canopy for you, that will keep you cool, and help protect you and your family from the sun’s harmful UV rays.


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Today’s beach canopies and sunshades combine all the technology you find in modern camping tents: lightweight materials, easy set-up, and durable design. Here are our top picks for your next sunny-day adventure:

Australians know a thing or two about beach life, which is why you can trust this Australian-designed sunshade. Made from stretchy Lycra material, this simple shade looks like a large sail that’s staked to the ground. It’s available in three sizes (standard, family, and jumbo) and set up is easy.

Speaking of sunny locales, this particular sunshade is made in Florida. Like its Australian counterpart, the Otenik Beach Sunshade is made from stretchy fabric (“Eurojersey” instead of Lycra) and benefits from a simple design. Bonus: It’s available in 22 colors.

This canopy offers a familiar tent silhouette but without the walls. Unlike many other sunshades, its material is 100% waterproof so it’ll stand up to a brief shower or two. This model also gives you the option of adding a wall (for a windbreak or additional shade) but it must be purchased separately.

If you’re looking for a shade that’s fit for a picnic or campsite, Coleman’s Canopy Tent offers plenty of space and stability. Despite its size, it offers easy set-up. It comes with a wheeled carrying case so it’s not the best beach option but just fine for family picnics and camp-outs.

best beach shade canopy

With its low-profile design, Oileus’s canopy provides both overhead and side protection from the sun. When you’re ready to go, it folds up into a convenient carrying case that weights only 6 pounds.

Kelty’s minimalist sun shelter scores high ratings among backpackers and beach-goers. It’s waterproof so it’ll keep you dry and offers a few different configurations for set-up.

If you’re looking for something beyond the basics, this model from WolfWise is a perfect tent/shade hybrid with its extendable floor and full walls. The perfect portable cabana.

This lightweight beach shelter offers plenty of room to stand and includes a detachable shade wall that can be moved to any of the shelter’s four sides.

This 4-person pop-up cabana brings the comfort of a resort to any spot on the beach. Plus, its fabric offers SPF 50+ sun protection.

This rugged shelter from Clam Outdoors is a great option for a camping weekend or overland adventure. In addition to its water-resistant roof, it has mesh screen sides for keeping the bugs at bay.